Egyptian Writing

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This really is not an issue just wanted someone to type up for me.
Coptic Crusader- in both egyptian and coptic.

if you could pleaze.

Thanks in advance


  • Oh yeah and what does this say?

    ÇáÃÈä ÇáÖÇá
  • the 2nd post, "el ibn eldal" means the prodigal son
  • How is coptic writin in egyptian? that is what i relly need to know.
  • There is no such thing as Coptic crusader, never was and never will. ::)

    So what's your question?
    (Were you looking for a new funny video game cover title or what?)

    Egyptians speak & write Arabic.
    Plus, Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians may speak & write Coptic.

    Coptic has its own alphabet and symbols (close to Ptolemic Greek, as hieroglyphs were gradually replaced for practical cultural reasons, while retaining few modified ancient pharaonic symbols).
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