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i was just wondering why is st bishoy called anba bishoy, and why is st moses the black called anba moussa el eswid, if anba means bishop, and they werent bishops so why are they called bishops? or were they ordained bishops but its just not mentioned in their stories, like in st moses' story it says they ordained him a priest so why not call him "abouna moussa" ...not that its a big deal or just curious...i know its not an important question, but i was just wondering if there is a reason behind this or any significance to this?


  • I guess if you think about it, say St. Bishoy bel arabi, and say St. Moses the Black bel arabi, it doesn't sound right, kedes bishoy, kedes moussal aswad!

    Coptic Servent
  • well i dont think its about how it sounds it?...but thanks for the reply...although you do have a point cause mar means saint and we say mar mina, mar girgis, but we dont say mar marina we say el-kideesa marina, i think we could still say it it would just sound strange mari-marina ;), but im still pretty sure they dont say things just cause how it sounds... ::)
  • dah ana kidah mokhy etsha2leb ya gama3a!! :o bardoh mosh fahmah... ??? ??? ya3ny el nas gave the title "anba" to anba Bishoy and anba Moussa Al Aswad cause it sounds right?? ??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... interesting :D bas i still need 7ad yefahemny la7san ye7saly waash fee nafokhy!! ;D ;D
  • no i dont think thats why filobateer but thats why im asking the question, is there any significance to the titles or not really?
  • anyone else know?
  • anba comes from the aramaic word "abba" which means father. We simply refer to the holy church fathers as "abba" meaning father.
  • finally, thanks a lot Hos Erof, for the enlightenment :)
  • lol, no problem.
    Its confusing though, i dont understand how in arabic the word abba turned into anba,
    that goes for loads of words though lol, apocalyps and abo ghalamsees, or eukhologian and kholagy ::)
    silly egyptians ;D
  • la wenta el sade2 ya Hos Erof, badal mat2ol "silly egyptians" 2ool "ma3a2deen egyptians"!! ;) ;D
    lol JUST KIDDING ya gama3ah... (la7san 7ad yet2emes wala beta3) ::) ;D
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