Heavenly Appearences

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What do you guys think of the significance of the heavenly appearences. Like since today is the rememberance of St. Mary appearing in Zeitoun 1968, and since she is once again appearing in Assuit, do you think there is a significance at all behind that. Is there a message she is trying to express to us, or are we just a blessed nation that we can experience all those kind of things when we are in the flesh?


  • This can be both. It is hard to interperet. If she is trying to tell us something i do hope we can figure it out.
  • HAHAHAHa, marienne lol i read the syexarium today in church and i was thinking th same thing! lol idk there might be a connection between the 2. LOL well just wait and have to find out
  • lol ya when abouna was reading the syexarium..i was like..hmm what's happening here..but ya I guess we will have to just wait and find out
  • To add to Nene's heartfelt response, appearances on their own can never sustain any person spirtually. Necessarily, the Word of God must be fenced around those appearances in order for them to provisionally benefit an individual. It is should be of no surprise to find that the countenance of God glimmers constantly through the meditation on Divine scripture….for this truly is the greatest appearance of all.

    God bless.
  • but lets no forget that "signs" are a great tool... to keep a person in the faith... and/or redirect them to the faith.
  • Marianne87,

    There is much significance for the sign for everything is planned accordingly. What are the reasons for this blessing; I have not the answer to that.


    I agree with the statements that you made and to add on to socoolbishoys statement, signs can be a starting point for ones conversion to the Christian faith or an examination of ones spiritual life and I have even heard of people converting after seeing such apparent signs from God. However, signs by themselves cannot keep one dedicated to the faith nor even sustain a persons spiritual life. God sends us many blessings and signs yet some are blind and oblivious to them.

    Nene 107,

    Although God “does not *NEED* to send us signs” He does so because He is a loving and merciful God. He wants as many people to be saved since we are all His children and some people are just hard headed, hard hearted, and blind. So they need apparent and visual signs that they can see, touch, or hear in order to believe. The famous example is doubting Thomas, “Jesus said to him, "Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed"’ John 20:29.

    But I agree with you fully for I also would love to see Saint Mary as well, or Pope Kyrillos the VI, or Saint Mina, or Saint George, or Saint Demiana, or Saint Basil, or Saint Moses the Black, or Saint Bishoy, or Saint John Chrysostom, or Father Bishoy Kamal, St. Severus Patriarch of Antioch, and all the amazing martyrs who willingly gave up their earthly life for eternal blessings with our Lord!!! ::)

    Hopefully, this miracle can soften the hearts of “other” religions so that they stop persecuting our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

    In His Name
  • I agree with joyisgod also Jesus said to his disciples[glow=red,2,300]"Blessed are you eyes for they see and your ears for they hear."[/glow] he wants to let people today see so that they believe.
  • Guys I am not relating those signs to our spirituality at all..I was just wondering why us..why coptics and why in Egypt
    I guess she is the only one who could answer that...and I agree heavenly signs are not the sole puropse of our faith..and at the same time it could get people closer and closer to God.
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