some miracles

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hey guys, i just heard of a new miracle that happened in egypt
its about a family of four the father, the mother, and a seven months old boy, and i think a five year old girl
They were all in the car when they had an accident. the father and the mother died but not the two children.
their uncle wanted to take his brother's "merass" ,i dont know if u understand it in arabic, so he decided to bury the two children with their parents so he can get the money.
and so he did do that but after five days some guy heard the kid crying and when they opened the grave they found the two kids alive.
so when they asked the girl how did u survive and stuff like that she said that some guy with a hole in his hand used to give them food everyday.
and when they asked her about her brother. she said that he used to drink milk from the mother. and they found out that this is true because when they tested the mothers body the found out that she only died 1/2 hour after they opened the grave
so it was true the mother was breast-feeding the boy.

i just thought it was amazing


  • also another thing that i heard that there was a non-christian was taking communion and some how he just spit it out and put it under the rug. so after the mass was finished and there was no one in the church, someone heard a baby crying from inside the church and when they went inside to look they found the crying was coming from the piece of the body that the guy spit out.
  • ya i heard about that miracle too that is just [glow=red,2,300]SWEET[/glow]
    Acutally that brings out a very good message to us Christians which is if Jesus saved the Muslim kids, love them and saved them for 5 days how much love does He have for us? Why should we ever wonder or be scared anymore?
  • they're muslims?
    well i didnt know that
  • ya they were muslims and they even brought it on a tv show and after the child said Iysoo (the name of Christ in the Quran) woke up our mom they cut the show from the air
  • yessssssssss
    i left this out but now i remember
    and also some ppl wanted for the show to be repeated but they didnt allow it
  • jeeeeez i wonder why not :D
  • LOL
  • very interesting
  • wow.. i love to hear of God's glory and how he reaches out for us when we are in what wasim said ....why should we ever doubt or be scared when our God is soo glorious and loving !!

    i have a miracle to share that is close to Coptic Angel's story about communion:

    It was sunday at a coptic church during mass. Abona was preparing communion when he accidently left the basket of extra Orban in the alter. After abona passed out the communion to the people and the congregation was over; Abona took the basket home and after a while he was hungry and decided to warm up the extra orban forgeting that it was in the alter. He placed the orban in the microwave and left the kitchen. And after a while, he smelled the scent of burning flesh and blood. When he came to where the smell was, it led him to the microwave. He immediatly openned the microwave and he saw that the orban was ozing with blood. During the communion, the Holy Spirit has came on the orban also!!

    I think this happened here in the US. But when i heard this story, my emotions ran wild like i can't express.
  • Wow, I don't know about everyone else, but everytime I hear about such a miracle, I get goosebumps all over my arms. It is so true when they say that God works in mysterious ways...

  • No me too... i get goosebumps too....and this really happy feeling inside!!!
  • I know what you mean. It's like our way of saying POWER TO THE CHRISTIANS!!!

  • EXACTLY!!!
  • i wanted to post a picture of St. mary icon with holy oil dripping from it but the uploading folder is full!!
    but i had a question: i hear many times and have seen pictures of St. Mary icons and statues where St. Mary is crying with tears of oil or blood? why is she crying?
  • DimYana,
    Feel free to upload that picture to "A Breathtaking Miracle" here:;action=display;threadid=166

    Concerning the crying of the Virgin, I've always been told it's because she's crying for us...either because we are forgetting our God or to intercede for us by crying to Christ our God to forgive us our sins.

    They thought with their wisdom: and spoke about the honor of her virginity: and her prayers and her fasting: and called her all-holy.
    - Chris
  • thanks banoub.... but i tried that thread and it gave me the same error message.. i guess i'll try again later!

    Concerning the crying of the Virgin, I've always been told it's because she's crying for us...either because we are forgetting our God or to intercede for us by crying to Christ our God to forgive us our sins.

    yea .. that explaintion makes sense !!

    God bless u
  • i heard that too Banoub
  • i saw this one picture where St. Mary is holding the baby Jesus in her arms and her hand is bleeding. I'll try and post it if i can.
  • o no that didn't work!
  • when i was in egypt once
    i went with my mom to a house of a tasoony who takes care of children who have cancer.
    so she had a picture of Jesus with ekleel el shok
    and the picture had actuall blood dripping out of it
    i saw that myself
    it was amazing and scary at the same time

  • Just listening to you guys makes me shiver. God be with us all, and help us.

  • also did u guys hear about when st MAry appeared in asuot
    it was a couple of yeaars ago
    ive seen it on tape bec my aunt lives there and she saw it
    its amazing

    u know that makes me think that if we keep going on and on about the great stuff that happenes from God and all the saints we will not fit it all in millions on books
    that assures me all the time that God is right next to us and he is very close
    and also that tells us that our religion is the right one
  • Yea, I know what you mean. When I was younger, I used to get these thoughts making me wonder how do we know that we are following the right religion. It's all these miracles, and things that prove we know what we're talking about. Hopefully, all others will see the light and come back to god before it's too late.

  • yea hopefully
    they really need our prayer
    as a matter of fact sometimes i feel that i really dont like them, im not racisit dont get me wrong, but sometimes u really cant trust them bec who knows what their religion is telling them
    like muslims, they are told that they should kill every one that is not muslim
    so then how could we trust them after that
  • But not all of them are like that. Some of them are sweet angels, they're just following the wrong religion. Some of them were born into it and had no choice, but yea, I know what you mean.

  • and in Islam if you decide you want to change your religion they have to kill you that is why not too many switch religions from Islam
    even though some do and they had to escape egypt and all that
  • And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen' (John 21:25).


    Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death (John 8:51).

    - Chris
  • I know what you mean. Did you hear about the woman who's fleeing her family in egypt to come here because she wants to convert? Her family is out to kill her.

  • hey sleepy
    yes there are some who look like angels and stuff like that but that shows u that they dont know their religion very welll
    because it specifically tells them to kill every non-muslim
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