i can't stop thinking about him!

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hey guys. i like this boy at school and i don't even know him. you know it is one of those teen crushes. well anyways i told my friend that i liked him and she was like "shhhhhhh, shhhhhhh" i was like "huh?" and then i looked around and he was right behind me. i felt so upset and really stupid. and the rest of the day i felt really depressed. and i want to forget about him cuz i don't even know him and i thinking about him is a waist of my time and i can't stop thinking about him. i have no idea what i should do. please help me!


  • there is a post similar to this one if u want to chek it out...it is under.."i cant stop thinking" there is great feedbak on that...and on a similar situation
  • I hope this is what you are looking for, I'm sorry Egyptionorthobeaut if you wanted everyone to post on your thread but you can probably just have it both ways, you can check out a post and than if you find the person's post interesting you can talk about here, kind of like a 2-way convo!

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  • crushes are to be crushed, before they crush you...
  • lol ::) nice
  • ok , i would say that it is probably a teeny crush , and dont worry it happens to everybody and anybody , just think of what good can come out of it ??? probably nothing , and try and ask your FOC , i know you might be shy to do so , but just do it and ask your self , what for ??? and why ??? and what good can come out of that ???
  • Uh, yeah..I understand but rid yourself of it..huge waste of time especially if you don't know the kid..
  • Don't worry about it at all, Egyptianorthobeaut because everyone gets embarassed sometime and it's ok. It will pass and maybe that will make him notice you more. Think about the negative, but think more of the positive that could happen.

    love lots,
  • eh? how is everything going now! if you dont wanna exclaim it on the posts... you can pm me... I would like to know!
  • Feelings are something beautiful ,imagine a world with no feelings , it would be very miserable and difficult.As much as it is beautiful it can be very hurtful .You know i sometimes feel that the only one who actually loves me is God , for he is the one that remembers me all the time unlike humans who are busy with their daily problems,sometimes i can imagine Jesus always beside or huging me in his arms.Its funny when i hear people saying "Bahebak mot" because i now that the only one who really means that is God since he is the one who loved us so much to the extent that he died for you and me.What you , including myself and others are going through is normal at that age since the feelings aren't stable yet ,its just that these feelings are not directed in the right way ,i.e. towards Jesus .Believe me he is the only noe capable to provide you with love and tender even more than the closest people to you.Like you said just open your heart for him because he is nocking on your door.If you start thinking about him you can say in arabic "Ohebak ya rab ya kowety" -I love you God you are my strengh.
    GOd bless you :)
  • if you start thinking about him (i mean the boy) say Ohebak ya ra ya kowety
  • I think I might have typed it wrong. I think that if you try to talk to him, he will understand and he will notice you more then. I don't really remember what I meant.

    love lots,
  • bosy 7abibty, enty a7san 7aga te3meleeha enek takhdy nase7ty ely ana edetha to mikeforJesus 2abl kidah.... elbesy nadaret shams ;D
  • Hey lol, how is it, look lol, I just wana tell you something, try your very best to really ignore these types of curshes, and you must really know only one thing that ITS NOT THE CORRECT TIME FOR THESE TYPE OF STAFF NOW, simply it will waste your time and your concentration and you won't get anything out of it. Look lol try to think of it as something that happend but also as something that you can overcome easily, coz if you put in your mind that you can't stop thinking about him, it will be a bit hard, secondly if you think about him, can you tell me what you gonna get?, probably nothing, so blv me just try to ignore it and then you will get over it and you must know that it happens with everybody in your age, its normal, but the thing is that you don't let something like annoy you or waste your time ok
  • Hany is 100% correct. I think we all have experienced the same incident. Yes it is hard to forget or simply ignore the issue but make sure that you pray and ask the Lord to help you forget, and trust me, if your willing, he will help you. I can gurantee you that anytime...
  • Thank You soooo much guys for all your help and advice. sorry, i couldn't right sooner, i was just soo busy with school, anyways, i try the best i can to ignore him and keep him out of my mind, sometimes, it works and then sometimes i can't help but think about him. it is driving my crazy!!!. because i hate the feeling because as some of you said, it is just wasting my time. but eventually i will prolly get over it...some way..lol. i am just glad that he is in like non of my classes or even my lunch. if he was, i don't know what i'd do, so i def. thank God for that. and Sara S is def. right about what she said also, that was also great advice, to tell my self "Ohebak ya rab ya kowety". i will do that. thanx every body :) ;D
  • mikeforjesus?
    what about me?
  • "bosy 7abibty, enty a7san 7aga te3meleeha enek takhdy nase7ty ely ana edetha to mikeforJesus 2abl kidah.... elbesy nadaret sham"

    By filobateer

    Should I know?
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