what does it mean to be successful

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so i was reading alot of posts here and came to find that either people are worried about school, college or university. i know we all stress about that and i understand. but y r we so occupied with

"being successful"
What does it mean to be successful? Do u have to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer to be successful? Do we have to make 100k a year to be successful? i know that u dont have to accomplish any of those to become successful, so why is it so important to us? have we become that materialistic? what does everyone think


  • We definetly became more materialistic...humans in general not just us coptics. School..college...friends...has became what define us not our personality and definetly not who we are on the inside. For me for instance...there is a lot of thoughts that have consumed my mind about materialistic things that I don't know where I stand right now in terms of my personality and even my spiritual life. I mean school is important...being successful is important...college is important and getting a job is important...but it's not all that matters..and I don't know really know if there is a way around that..because as we get older...all of that is just going to consume us more and more.
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