Evshes and Apekran

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Hey people, does anyone by any chance have or know where i can get evshes and apekran typed? I would really appresciate it, so thanx in advance.

Oh ya and if you also can find ApinavShopi It would also help alot.


  • Thanx alot though for apinav shopi! If anyone has the other 2, that would help too, thanx.
  • hello CopticPete

    evshes i can put here for you, but give me a bit of time, but if you have the deacons "kholagee" or "The Service of the deacons and hymns" it will definitely be in there if you cant wait.

    I also assume you can read coptic...

  • hello CopticPete
    here is evshes
    in coptic and arabic-coptic
    if you want it in english or english coptic just post another reply

  • Thanx so much mg
    ur a life saver

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