Plans for the summer

hey guys, i have many plans for the summer (and church of course) and well, my friend told me that her dad saw this ad for belly dancing classes and i am really interested in that when my friend told me. and would do it with me too. and all my cousins know how to belly dance at egyptian weddings and stuff and i want to learn too. (just for fun of course). and i didn't ask my parents yet and i don't know what their reaction will be and i don't even know if it would be right to take the class. what do you guys think? should i or not? ??? :-\


  • Of course not, it's really bad, so you'll be dancing in front of God, plus I know lessons include perform in a recital! You need to think about this for a second, are you sure you want to do this, you make one wrong decision and you'll be mistaken, and regret the moment you did that, plus you could take up dancing, belly dancing includes, shaking your hips, and probably show your tummy, make sure you make up your mind before you go, hope this goes well, make sure to tell your parents about this, and MAKE SURE you ask your FOC if you should or shouldn't he will tell you the right decision, if you want to that is, if you think that is a good idea!

    Coptic Servent
  • I will answer you question with a question...

    Would God be pleased and satisfied if he saw you taking this class?
  • yes mee too..i am really interested in like dance lessons but i dunno if i should go...

    the only thing that is stopping me otgher that my parents is that maybe once i know how to will make me want do dance in public :o
  • My mom just gave me great advice, would you want to do what she does if you think it's bad of course not, if she does good, you'll do good, so if she does bad, will you do bad with her? Just think about that for a second!

    Coptic Servent
  • I think there was a topic similar to this a while back...and I will give the same answer I gave then. Dancing in itself is not is a form of excerise...that's why they have dancing teams in schools and colleges..but ya belly dancing is way different...but it's still dancing. I took a dance class as well...and we did moves similar to that of belly dancing so there is no big deal. I mean take a class but don't go dance in front of every guy you know...totally kidding. But ya..nothing is wrong with a class...
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    Just go for it girl! Nothings too wrong with it.. just have good intentions and you'll be set! Rabena ma3aki in every choice you make...

    How can you say "Rabena ma3aki" when it comes to belly dancing? Is this something Jesus would do? How will you use this talent to praise God? The only thing it will make you do is fall into sin. It may seem like just a dance class that can do no harm at first, but who can guarentee what will happen in the future? You may start dancing for friends at school, and then they would ask you to go to a party and that already will make you fall into grave and dangerous sins. Be careful of your decisions, they can have severe consequences. The church disagrees with this and it is not approved. I suggest you not take that class. If you do not believe me, ask your Father of Confession, he will give you the proper advice for this situation.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • [quote author=nene0587 link=board=10;threadid=3535;start=0#msg51347 date=1143604674]
    At no point there did i state that God said it is right or wrong. I said may God be with you in every choice you make, meaning.. may God help you make the right choices.

    I am very sorry nene0587, I jumped to conclusions and didn't reread what you said in the last part of your sentence. I apologize if I offended you. Please forgive me.

    Please forgive me and pray for me,

  • WWJD. think about that. it is wrong.

    love lots,
  • there is a question my mom always asks me whenever i ask her a question like this...she asks, "if the Virgin Mary was living in our time, would you expect her to do the same thing?"

    ^By this my mom is implying that women nowadays should be leading a life like that of the Virgin Mary- one that is full of obedience, humility and purity

    and so, you really need to think about this behaviour and see weather this behaviour mirrors St.Mary's purity and innocence- ultimately this is a decision you yourself have to make
  • but thats the thing.......

    does dancing detract anything away from ur purity....

    would u controll urself in situations...

    would it...if u cant controll urself in situations???? do or not to do!!that is the question
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