My Salvation


  • Hey mnc_hnn,
    I think this is the song you're looking for, please correct me if i'm wrong
    hope this helps

    My salvation

    YOU are the rock of my salvation
    YOU are the strength of my life
    YOU are my hope and inspiration
    LORD unto u will I cry
    I believe in YOU
    Believe in YOU
    And YOUR faithful love to me
    YOU have been my help in time of need
    Lord unto will I plead

  • thnx heapsss

    Lord unto will I plead

    what does this mean? i found the lyrics in a website and it said

    lord unto you i will cleave

    and it doesn't make since to me still?
  • plead means like to pray to (ex: lord hear my plea, is like lord hear my prayers/ my cry)
    lord unto you will i cleave, means lord i will hold unto you (cleave i think means holding unto someone/something...or is that only "cling")
  • my apologies to all
    i do not mean to be rude and correct,

    but plead means to ask earnestly (with strong feeling)

    and cleave is indeed hold onto or cling or hold on tight
  • cheers mg mg :D
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