what do u think of google earth

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i was on google earth the other day for the first time, i typed in my address and saw my house i closed it then did it again and saw a car in my driveway. i repeated this for a while and realized it was like a computer, and u know how if u press a certain button ur email gets updated with new ones, its like that. all i have to do is press a few buttons and i can see whats going from here to the pyramids.

n e way i was thinking.

if all this information is available to the public imagine what agencies like the FBI or CIA have access to. there is no privacy n e where now since 911.

has n e one been to this siteand disagree or agree?? ??? :-\


  • actually your wrong , google earth is based on sataliete imaging , and it gets updated every couple of years and some areas dont get uptdated at all !! , and if an area has fast growth , it might get updated more often , but it is not as recent as you think , do you have any idea how much would it cost to make thoose satatlite images ? alot !!!!!
  • Ya but it is a good way to look for sites in citys that u want to visit
    lol have u guys looked at area 51 there are jet planes and ppl there and the U.S. goverment says it is officaly closed down. lol
    they lied to us.. ;D
  • wht is google earth?do urecomend i try it?
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