How do you cope with different people?

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Hi to all of Tasbeha.Org!

I've been around on this site for a short while (Ive only been reading these highly addictive topics for the last 2 months... :)) and so I've decided to start my very first discussion to see everyone's opinions...

Recently i have left the Coptic Orthodox school in Sydney to move to another school closer to my home. I have been in the coptic school for the last four years and i have not communicated to people my age from different backgrounds (The majority of the Coptic School is Egyptian and Sudanese). Now i am in a public/government school where there are all different religions and nationalities. I would like to hear people's advice and opinions from this site on how to approach these people (For example Muslims, Buddists, Hindus, etc..) because i want to be a shining light to these people and not a stumbling block.



  • First of all, Welcome Coptic Dragon, hope you have a blast, ok, I recommend you to just give it sometime, people will approach you, hopefully, treat them how you would like to be treated, I can never forget that line, it has a big role in our life, be careful of whom you speak to, make sure that you are going to stick with this friend, and will be able to resolve any conflicts, make sure your going to stick with all your promises, speak to them like you speak to your other friends, make sure that whatever you do, you will be able to figure out a plan so you could stop it if keeps on occuring!

    Coptic Servent
  • Thanks for replying nene and Coptic Servant, your advice was invaluable. I think i'll wait and see if anyone else will give their opinion, then ill continue with more intriguing questions.

  • No, nene your advice was relevant and very useful. In fact, im already applying some of these practices because that's what ive learnt from the coptic school.

    Now for my next question...How would you try and preach Christ through your deeds? Would you try to just keep social and not mention Him at all, or would you try and show that your personality was formed because of your love for Christ?
  • Thanks guys for the help. I guess i'll start practicing then... ;D

    GBU All
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