Seraphim Chorus

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for those of you who live on the east coast (US) lol, im sure u may (or may not) have heard of the Seraphim Chorus
i was just wondering if anybody can possibly send me an application
i got the eccyc email but deleted it thinking i wont need it, and now a friend does :-\ lol
so if ya can, thanks :D


  • here it is.
    r u joining?
  • hey thanks!
    and no, im not joining
    my voice is crappy, and besides, im a girl
    itd be awkward to have a girl sing with a bunch of guys who r loud and clear lol
    but i think there are SO many guys out there with maddd nice voices that should join this, its an awesome organization
    God bless those who started it!
  • what are you all saying ::)
    this chorus is not only for ppl who have a great voice, (u don't wanna hear me). it's all about loving alhan and also uniting the diocese deacons.
    also ya MarMar91:
    this chorus is under the manegment of HG. Bishop David only not any one else. and yes there is a lot of things that a deacon need to have to join. like the pamphlet says, you have to be 17-30, you will be tested on oraly on couple of hymns, and there is some Qs that needs to be answered in the application. than the application is sent to the address in it with a recommendation from the deacon's FOC.

    i just wanted to add for all of you to pray for this great and blessed service.
  • Actually you dont have to be from 17-30, if you are really good, abouna dawoud told us that they would make an exception for either, girls or boys. But i dont know exactly how good you have to be for them to make an exception.

  • Anytime, and btw you have until july for the tryouts, so im sure you can learn some of the hymns by then, i mean i dont know all of them either, so thats what im rellying on.

  • YES. Amir mentioned that also Peter the person you talking about. but as he said (i think u might of heard him at the end of friday meeting), the main idea is to get deacons. so am sure they would have the same requirments except the rank thingy. also if you wouldn't have enough girls to do like another chorus (not really but like half chorus), they wont do it.
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