deja voo

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i don't know if i spelled it right but the feeling of previous accurance. in one of my psychology classes the professor said that de ja voo is just a coinsadence. any one know of any truth to this


  • to tell you the truth i don't really know but i am curious about it too. it is a really weird feeling, i'll tell you that. and when i do something or say something, it feels that i did it (exact same thing) before. and i get creeped out because i know i didn't do anything like that before but. but when i have it, i know wheather it happened before or not. that is the strange and weird feeling that i get.
  • Have you ever had a "De Javu" about previously having a "De Javu"? I wonder if such a scenario is even possible. ;)
    It seems that the nearer we get to knowing God, the closer we get to knowing others....even those we have never directly witnessed for ourselves. Such is the inevitable outcome of seeing God indwelt within men whom we have yet to encounter.... yet in the mind of God, we have already encountered.

    God Bless
  • nene i agree with u and that was the argument in my class. but for everything i said he would say coinsedence. does the church or our religion say anything about dejavou?
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