job oppurtuinies

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i know this is a wierd way to post job openings but here it is. but i've been getting creeps other ways i'm trying to help my people out. ;)

For all of u who live in ny or nj. i'm looking for some very enthusiastic people to work at the saks outlet store in Jersey gardens mall. if interested let me know it would be full time and we work well with schedules. i need a mens specialist
womens' specialist
mens manager
and about 8 more full time positions try to contact me if n e one is interested


  • Janamakar,
    This is a spiritual site, no place for your thread here.
    I hope either you deleted by yourself or Iqbal should strike it out. I hope too, that the good people of tasbeha would not add to this thread, just ignore it

  • Ok safaa well i kinda agree with you, but i kinda don't. IDK but i think Jana is trying to do kheir to other coptic people. that's just my opinion.

  • i don't think its that bad. don't u think its better to get a job with a christian community then to find a job and be influenced by things?
  • Sylvia u kinda read my mind. lol
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