Anba Mousa Song

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Hey Everyone, I hope all is well. I just had a request. I have been thinking about the song of the Holy Chrismation, the one Anba Mousa Taught us. I goes something like: Let your will be my will...... Let your way be my way........ and so on. I totally forgot the lerics and I really need the song for a little project. If someone can help that would be geat, if not please pray that I remember it. Again it is the song taught by Anba Mousa. I bet alot of you know it. Thank you very much and I will be awaiting your responses. Please keep me in your prayers.

Your brother in Christ:


  • I think it goes something like: "Jesus Christ our Lord, Saviour of my Soul. Let my thoughts be your thoughts, that is all in all." But I still need the rest of the song. Thank you again

    In Christ
  • I only have the lyrics not the audio

    Jesus Christ Our Lord

    R- Jesus Christ Our Lord,

    Savior of my soul:

    1- Let my thoughts be Your thoughts, that is all in all.

    2- Let my senses be Your senses, that is all in all.

    3- Let my heart be Your heart, that is all in all.

    4- Let my will be Your will, that is all in all.

    5- Let my deeds be Your deeds, that is all in all.

    6- Let my way be Your way, that is all in all.

  • Thank you PrincessMary, this is exactly what I needed. God Bless you!

  • We learned that song when we were kids, it was so cute!

    Coptic Servent
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