O Seeker Of Jesus

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Hello ALL!!! how are you all? good i hope.
i was wondering if any of u would have this hymn, O Seeker Of Jesus, or would u know where i could get it from???

God Bless You all and help u with ur studies!



  • do you mean o seeker to meet jesus?
    well..if so here it is..i hope thats what u r looking for!

  • Oh...thanx Sandra!!! do u have lyrics at all???

    God Bless You... and i hope u get better soon!!
  • here are the lyrics to the song: O seeker to Meet Jesus!

    O Seeker To Meet Jesus

    1- O seeker to meet Jesus

    Forget your hunger and thirst

    (Your food is the bread of life

    And you'll drink from his wounded side)3x) (2x)

    2- You traveler forget the past

    And you'll go steadfast in the path

    If you suffer on the road,

    Remember for you he died) 3x) (2x)

    3- The trumpets will be heard soon

    With happiness and sound of joy

    (A great feast above the clouds

    And a crown for the watchful) 3x) (2)

    4- He'll prepare a place for you

    He's always waiting for you

    (His heart is longing for you,

    Blessed are you if you are prepared) 3x) (2x)

    5- You are part in Jesus Christ

    You who live among the rocks

    (Have no fears from all dangers

    You're protected by the Lord) 3) (2x)

    If anyone else is looking for any spiritual song lyrics, you will most likely find them at: http://www.saintmina-holmdel.org/Songs/index.php3

    God Bless you! Please pray for me.
  • thanx Marmoura99, for the lyrics and the link...
    God Bless and You will be in my Prayers
    Take care
  • your welcome coptic21..and i ma glad that i could help!

  • Any time Coptic21! I glad i could be of help. Enjoy this beautiful song!

    Thank you for your prayers! God bless you!
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