Women's ordination

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Can women be ordinated as sacerdots in Coptic Church ?

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Peter F.J. Lipinski


  • first off it is misspelled its:Sacerdotus

    Sacerdotus-(Latin) meaning Priest

    and no women can not be preist's
  • DEFINETLY NOT>....however they can be deaconesses which is like nuns but serve in the outside word spreading the word of Jesus Christ...

    Iqbal...u probably have good Facts behind this...
  • yes, likw hy said, women can't get ordianned. even when they become deaconesses they are prayed on, it's not really an ordaination.
  • No women can become a priest becuase they wouldn't be able to serve everytime. But like everyone said, they can become a deconess. Sorry I repeated some things.

    love lots,
  • Father Alister Anderson of the Antiochian Orthodox Church wrote a great explanation regarding why women cannot be ordained into the priestood. It's the most succient I've ever encountered. Read on...


    If you'd rather not read the entire topic. The last paragraph is a fair summary:

    We can say that God has no particular sex, male or female. But in the Revelation of God through Christ, God chose to become a man because He wanted to take to Himself a bride which is the Church, the Family of God. In like manner, God also chose men to represent Him as the head of the human Church family. God decided that the function of consecrating, blessing and absolving is the role of man to do in our human existence on earth. Men have not made this their role. God made it men’s role. As individuals we believe God’s Word about this or we choose not to. But as members of the family of Orthodox Christian Churches we have no choice. The Church belongs to God and God has made His choice. God will do what He wants to do and what He wants is always right and best for us. God has chosen and blessed us with a male priesthood. Let us rejoice and be glad and thankful for it.

    I hope this helps

  • BTW - for the sake of clarity...

    A "Sacerdos" is a Latin word which means “an offerer of God’s gifts.”

    Best Regards All
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