Is it okay to buy food from a muslim which might go to support a muslim group?

Or if they give out free food.. is it okay to accept it?

I think a priest I know thinks I should not


  • Then go with the priest
  • [quote author=Marianne87 link=board=10;threadid=3392;start=0#msg49565 date=1141920311]
    Then go with the priest

    I totally agree with Marianne on this one, couldn't have said it better myself!

    Coptic Servent
  • well that's kind of weird because my abouna said it was ok
  • I have got the answer for this question in the movie of Pope Kyrillos.........IT IS OKEY TO BUY/ACCEPT EVEN FROM MUSLIMS....the thing is that the president during Pope Kyrillos time told his children that giving money to the church is the same as giving money to the mosque...and Pope Kyrillos accepted the children's money, children that were muslims, and built the monstary of our beloved Saint Mina with that if they gave us we should give them......and also we are all brothers and we give to those who ask us..thats what Our Lord said......not chose who we give to.. and you can also give to Chirstains family that are in need .........but always rememeber that love your enemies and give to them and pray for them....for if you give to your sister and brother money then also give to your enemy as well.......................when a poor man ask you for money on the street do not say what religion are you from but rather that you give him and your reward might be in Heaven

    Pray for the muslims that they may find the right way
  • well idk my abouna said it was ok, but another abouna said no. Idk wha to say or believe. but i think i have to say that i agree with lost soul.
  • differnt abounas may have different views, go with YOUR foc
  • Well yea, people differ on this issue but personally, I wouldn't buy something form a group supporting ISLAM.. like a group that needs funding to spread their message or something..but I DEFINITELY support sending money to muslim organizations that run orphanages, charity work, etc. It's not wrong to help out your brethren no matter what faith they are of but it wouldn't seem right to help out your brethren in doing something wrong..big difference.
  • well here in Austrlia funny has been a new law....that it is against the law to fund any group or support any group that supports or is involved in any terrorist conjucntion....unless they are not aware of where their funds is directly going....

    this is a very new law...umm maybe 5 months ago...heard it on the Egyptian radio broadcast...
  • I think maybe most muslim groups do not support terrorists
  • The social side of the question is clear, whether in Egypt or outside Egypt.

    In Egypt, there are basically only christians and muslims, with muslim being a dominant 80-85 % of the population. Dating back to 1952, after the revolution, christians have been severely disadvantaged in term of getting jobs and starting up businesses, because of the hardline islamic agenda that all governments have adopted. It is not only the governments, but the islamic brotherhood was able to reshape the mind of the people to a embrace a very fanatic and hateful agenda. Fatwas are issues on a regular basis that prevent muslims from even exchanging a harmless "hello" or "good morning" with christians, let alone dealing with them in professional matters or if there is a business need. Muslims do not go to christian pharmacists, doctors (specially doctors), do not give contracts to christians and do not go to supermarkets owned by christians. A liberal minority still exists, but they are becoming extinct very quickly due to the islamic influence of the fanatic groups that has consumed all muslim population, with minor exception.

    As such, christians will go bankrupt if their own brothers and own communities, the Copts, will decide to go deal with a muslim over a fellow Copts. Already the pool for small-to-medium christian businesses in Egypt is limited, their market very narrow, and they are facing legal, social and financial harassment. They do not need from their fellow Copt to finance their enemies to continue the harassment, and make them go out of business. At any given time, I would give my money to a Copt to help him rather than a muslim.

    Outside Egypt, the picture is different, because many other groups exist and muslims are not dominant. Yet the outcome is not different. Most Copts are immigrants or second generation who are starting their careers, and they need a push like everybody else. They have the qualification like any other person for the jobs and offer products of the same quality in their business. What is missing is the show of solidarity among Copts, something that is sadly missing 100 % among the communities outside Egypt. Other communities support each other, help each other, give their money out to services offered by their own ethnic or religious groups, and they have succeeded in gaining power and influence in many areas. Copts did not. I believe it has to do with loosing touch with their ethnic roots. It is a big problem.

    So, even outside Egypt, do your fellow Copt a favor and support his business or in any possible way.

    [quote author=JesusisKingofKings link=board=10;threadid=3392;start=0#msg49635 date=1141993652]
    I think maybe most muslim groups do not support terrorists
    It needs a closer look at the islamic teachings that are fundamental to the muslims. You might be surprised how Islam was practiced at the time of the prophet and the immediate era after his death, which is the true and fundamental Islam that all muslims will follow. Of course, exceptions exist, yet liberal and open-minded muslims have actually little from their religion to support their position, as strange as this might sound. One datwa is still to be issued against all kind of terrorism. They cannot do so, for it will condemn the history of Islam in the process.
  • why cant you buy food from a muslim?
    maybe they're not supporting a bad group.
    if they're supporting a bad group then I think you shouldn'tbuy but otherwise I can't see why not. ;)
  • hey, i think u should not. I think it is a means of support for them, meaning that they do shady work with their profits. This includes fake merchandise. For everyone out their that wears and buys a fake handbag; like coach or gucci, u are supporting terrorists. Terrorist groups are the minds behind luxery counterfieting. recently in the news vendors on Canal street in New York City have been admitting that to undercover police. i'm on the committi for counterfits and im asking everyone out there who is wearing and buying fake merch. to stop. it is the # 1 supporter for terrorists.
  • i think you should not ask an abouna but ask a bishop and i think it is ok because azaming that if you would give the muslim guy he might just me so thankful that he might convert with a miracle very rare though but with god all things are possiable
  • instead of buying food from a muslim group buy it from a christian grou
  • ok ppl ppl look remember when Jesus saw those ppl selling things at the temple right infront of it? he threw everything around and ylled at them. u SHOULD NOT be selling things inside the truth LIKE TOTALLY NO its wrong my church does it like my abouna doesnt like it but it does it and its wrong in my opinion think what would
    jesus do? if he got mad at the people that were selling things infront of the temple....wouldnt he be upset of those ppl? i kno its KIND OF off topic but i just wanted to point that out

  • oooooooo muslim groupp....i thought u meant inside of churchhh......i didnt read the resy of it not the church part sry and then i saw posts sayin abouna thats why i tought it was inside the church..... im so sry lol
  • its ok :D ;) :) :o ::) lol
  • what lostsoul said was spot on... theres only so much u can control really... i mean some people say dont give homeless people donations becaues they might go buy drugs with it... but we say... give the homeless person ur donation and what he does with it is his business, but u have still done ur good deed towards society!
  • [quote author=D33 link=board=10;threadid=3392;start=15#msg59785 date=1156733991]
    what lostsoul said was spot on... theres only so much u can control really... i mean some people say dont give homeless people donations becaues they might go buy drugs with it... but we say... give the homeless person ur donation and what he does with it is his business, but u have still done ur good deed towards society!

    ya dats right it wont be a sin u giving them the money....its a sin for them becuase they might o something bad not for u its like u did il alak thats it
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