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Hey all,

I love this forum...its the best...

What do you like about your church and what are some some Fond stories that you have when you were young....

here is another pic of my church..(if you have a simular one of your church would love to see them !!)



  • This is not my church, however it is a picture of a church....
  • Well my Church is AWESOME! We are blessed by having our new Priest Rev. Fr. Morcos Farag and I screw up every ashiah but he always forgives me....yesterday, I said taske falas long way instead of short and he told me don't say farayhy and I said everything farayhey.


  • This is a pic of my Church!
  • and another...
  • and another...
  • here's a pic of my Church's Priest...
  • Defender, what church do you go to?

  • St.Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Winnipeg
  • Hey All,
    WOAH mark thats a really cool church...

    Hey defender did you know one of our churches in sydney looks alot like your church (well the iconstasis does)...its very similar..i'll take a pic when i go there next for ya..

    Hey guys keep sending these pics their awsome...
    oh here is an old pic of my church from the outside..its changed a bit not much...
  • Wow, all these churches are so nice. We're still building our new church now, I'll put some pics up later!
  • We'll probably get a new Church sooner or later, as u can see ours is PRETTY small, anyways, does anyone here know a Bishop in their city right now??

  • Bishop ?? why??

    Anyway people show me ur churches...!!

  • Sorry
    how do you guys insert the image
  • I was asking for a Bishop because I need one, we didn't get any Bishops this year and I was wondering if any of you could give me a phone number or do me a favour and go talk to the Bishops!!

  • heres a picture of my priest and church.. Virgin mary and saint pachomious in spring valley New York.. Father Yacoub Ghaly
  • i dotn think that last one worked so heres a couple more
  • heres a couple moree
  • I love abouna Yacoub Ghaly. He's so awesome, and he has the most amazing voice...

  • Photoshoppppp
  • [quote author=Defender! link=board=1;threadid=338;start=0#msg3620 date=1087163388]
    This is a pic of my Church!

    for a second i thought it was ma church xcept the roof was different

  • ye defrender we have bishop daniel ill get his number bu i doubt hell do anyfing no afence
  • hay
    i would send a pic of ma church but it on a dvd

    i luv ma church more info on the hectic 5 conversation

  • my church might not look good on the inside or outside yet (it will after we build the other biulding) but we got the best abounas ever!!! abouna daoud( moallim el moallimeen as people from the other churches call him) abouna sourial (the calm quiet one) and abouna morkos(the "youth" priest as i call him.
  • Get em, that is so true. lol

  • Coptic Avenger..your a bergener?????? :o ewwwwww lol..jp

    well your church doesn't really look all that bad on the outside or the inside..i like the bigg pictures of Saint Shenuda the Archmanidrite, and Saint George...and abouna dawoon is the moallim of the moallimeen, and abouna sorial is the man..i dunno about abouna morkos yet.....still haven't even seen him. God bless em all...pray for me
  • I don't have any pictures of my church yet (columbus ohio) But man Father Sedarous A. Sedarous did a great job he brought a crapenter especially from egypt to build the Alter walls(which by the way didn't have a single drop of glue or a single nail) then he brought a nun from egypt too to draw all the church icons by hand and the Alter pictures too all by hand. (From what i heard she used old fashion material to create the colors like eggs and stuff like that) IT IS A COOL CHURCH you all should come visit one day :D
  • Hey Paul what is wrong with the bergeners?? tell me tell me jk :D
    i was wondering why you said that about the bergen church that is all :)
  • WOW youst..your church looks very nice...we dont see that kind of Architecture alot in Sydney..most of our churches are not painted from the outside and are made of normal bricks...

    Wasim..thats soo cool...there arnt that many churches that take the time to build their church the way you discribed..where abouts is the ur church where you discribed..sounds madd..

    its amazing all you guys take pride in your churches...this is something i find really amazing .soo keep it up guys..

    Your Brother in Christ,
  • [quote author=shenouda Andrawis link=board=1;threadid=338;start=15#msg4166 date=1087826957]
    where abouts is the ur church where you discribed..sounds madd..

    The church is in Columbus ohio two states to the left of NY and under Cleveland and in top of Cincinnatte
    Also it is between the state of Penn and state of Indina
    Hope that helps
  • I love abouna Yacoub Ghaly. He's so awesome, and he has the most amazing voice...


    Yeaaa i know... hes the greatest abouna ever and im soo glad hes our priest... i wouldnt have it any other way. i mean if there was one thing that would make me never leave this area it would be becasue of him. We all love him... i dont tihnk ive ever met anyone who didnt like him... ;)...we're soo blessed to have him, pray for him , our congregation is,through God's blessings, growing tremendously and he is constantly running around trying to get everything done, plus hes dealing with problems for our new church building. PRAYY FOR HIM !!! PLEASE!!!

    God Bless,
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