CHOICES: what should i do!!?

hey guys, me and my friend arn't talking to each other. i didn't know if our friendship was completely over or what. it has been a little bit over a week and today she text messaged me and wrote "are we ever gonna be hommies again?" i don't know what she means by is she apologizing, does she want to be friends, or want to talk or what?? and not only that but my parents don't like her that much. and they don't like her that much but i like our friendship. they say she interferes with my life. (studies, religion, etc.) and i think when we did talk, we talked too much that my grades were REALLY dropping. i admit. infact this past week when we didn't talk i did SO MUCH BETTER IN SCHOOL. and i became a little more religious than usual. i always was but now i am really religious. and i like the feeling. but also, when i think of all the great memories we share i like being her friend. cause we had a lot of great times together. and i don't want to see all that go. my parents say that they were mad at me when i was friends with her, then they say that i changed and they are proud of me now. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. PLEASE HELP ME. I AM SOOOO CONFUSED ABOUT MAKEING THIS DESISION. :'( :-\ :(


  • I think your parents know best, like when I don't listen to my parents decision and it's a serious matter, superstition might happen, because I know God wants me to obey my parents, as in the commandment stating "Honor your father and mother" now I learned from my mistakes before, and I now listen to my parents, about what they have to say! You even said yourself that your grades have gotten better and yourself being religious has gotten much better, and your parents are proud of you, so all I have to say is listen to your parents, they have lots of things to say, regarding this situation, just say hi and bye, or just be buddies with her, you can talk to her, but not a lot, so you have to understand that your parents opinion matter, and listen to them! I agree with my parents in a lot of situations, and their opinions and advice is AWESOME, they help me out a lot, and what they have to say has a lot of value to my life! Hope I helped, and May God be with you!

    Coptic Servent
  • Hmmm... I think that she wants to be friends with you again. But, I advice you to be careful. Everything is to be done in moderation. Talking to your friends must have a certain amount time, or else that will become all you. You will not study, you will not read the Bible, pray, ect.. I think that you should decide certain limits. For example, for an hour I'll go online. For another I'll read the Bible and pray, and so on and so forth. Doing this will not only organize your time, but will distribute it in the right way.

    Your parents are also very wise. They have seen how you were when you were friends with her and how you are now. It is a difference, and it is proving to them something. If being friends with this girl caused you to spend so much time that your grades dropped and you fell away from God, then I believe you have to rethink this over. I am not saying to end the friendship, but as I said before, everything in moderation. Hope I helped. Rabina maaki ;D
  • Hi,
    That's a really nice story and I am really truely sorry that this is happening to you. Ok, think about this: WWJD. If we want to follow God, we want to think about that. Also think that God wants all out "really good friends" to be from the church and to be people we can relate to in our religious life, and that can help us become better in a spiritual way. This girl, as you said, was not helping you much, until you stopped talking to her. That's kind of sad, but I guess that maybe God has this in plan for you so that you can do better... God always knows what's best and like it's already been said that your parents know best becuase they are a lot like God, well they represent him, well not really, but I think you know what I mean. I gues that the only thing you should really do is think about the friendship between you two, talk to your parents and FOC, and also make sure to PRAY PRAY PRAY.

    lol i said that like a thousand times
    ok, i hope that what i said to you made a little sense and that i was a little bit of help becuase i truly have gone through this and i know what it feels like

    pray for me
  • Honor Your Father and Your Mother because if You canot honor Your Father who is on earth... How can You honor Your father who is in Heaven...By honoring Your Father on Earth , Then You are listening to Your Father's commandments, who is in Heaven. Temptation is good but it is a sin. Your best friend must be someone who is close to God who can help You if You fall or ....So no matter how nice is the relationship is between You and Your Friend...It is still Vanity and sin if it draws you away from God. Be friends with Her but if it draws You away from Your Church and Studies then it is becoming a sin......For example..Drinking is not a sin but getting drunk is a sin...When losing control over what You have to do then it is a sin. For Jesus turned water to wine at a wedding
  • i agree with lostsoul
    if you cannot handle it, dont involve yourself in it
    and for sure honor your father and mother just like copticservent aslo said
    its great that she is your friends and all, but for SURE think about God first before you make a decision because from what i just heard from you, you can have better frineds for sure
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