I would prefer noone becomes angry with me and this post..discernment doesnt increase or something without training.. am I right? but maybe I should be prepared for temptation before it happens and not have to learn after I make mistakes

Hebrews 5:14 (King James Version)

14But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.
From 5:14;&version=9;

My driving instructor came close to my house today expecting it seems to take me driving... me and my brother were the only ones home.. and not very long before the driving instructor came maybe I thought about not leaving my brother home by himself because he is not 16 (by law to stay home alone maybe you have to be atleast 16...but my brother will be 16 in july this year God willing)..

to me maybe I feel it is okay to leave him home while I go for driving... it does not seem anything will happen to him while I am gone if I go if I pray for him maybe.. but I still felt like I would be doing wrong maybe if I went and left him..

(we are to obey the law unless it goes against Gods commandments..if I do not it would be sin.. am I right?)

So I asked the driving instructor something like "is it okay if I dont go driving today" to which he replied something like "yes..." he seemed somewhat okay with it maybe and he asked something like "why don't you want to go driving" to which I may of replied "I dont want to" or "I just dont want to" because I did not want to tell him its because I dont want to leave my brother at home and I think he knows im christian and it might give him a bad idea of christianity... but I think that reply might of influenced him to feel bad about himself as a person if he did feel that (like he doesnt deserve a reason.. but I dont know if he felt that)

I want to buy him a present for not reacting in an angry way or something so he does not feel I do not care about his feelings and so he does not be angry with God because of me or think bad about the way of christians or think bad about christianity..
would that be a bad idea? as if I can make it up to him (if I did something wrong.. do you think I did wrong?) with a gift maybe? or have him maybe understand I meant to hurt his feelings or something with a gift?
but then would he lose his heavenly reward (if he would get one even though he is not christian maybe) for doing maybe a good deed to me?

Matthew 10:42 (King James Version)

42And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward.

From 10:42;&version=9;

Genesis 12:3 (King James Version)

3And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Would these verses be relevant maybe?

From 12:3;&version=9;

If you have anything right and helpful to say, say it if you want God willing

Also would it be wrong to put food on a table near where a friend is playing a bad gun game so he can eat it? if you think it would not be wrong why do you think so?

Also how old does a person have to be to be allowed to stay at home with no adults in certain states in australia or america if anyone knows? If children are allowed to travel on bus and train alone (are they?) why would they not be allowed to stay home alone?


  • personally, i think that if the person can prove to be ready to stay home alone.. then so be it. becuase i do all the time and im not even 13. im 12!!! lol, my parents know im repsonsible and im not stupid enough to be in the newspaper as kidnapped. or i hope not. anyways, be glad to tell him becuase its kinda like saying you arent proud of your religion. he will understand. that will tell him that you are more likely to be responsible. pray to god and tell ur FOC!!! also, make sure ur brother knowns what hes doing and ask if you can just drive around the neighborhood or even go with ur brother. ask him if ur bro can go along so he can learn from you. ummm... where are ur parents through all this, not trying to be rude. becuase can't you reschedule a time when ur parents ARE home? that way, everythings ok. anyways i hope i hlped.
  • But it might be a state law that you must be 16 or older to stay home by yourself.. so even if parents think you are ready to stay home alone.. it would still be wrong...
    Am I right or wrong?
    Maybe the law depends on the parents or something?

  • I think in this case you shoudl reschedule. or talk to your parents so that they can explain the situation. where are ur parents in this tho?
  • Ok well i don't think that you have to be 16 to stay home alone. I have a friend he's 12 and his parents will take his younger brother to resteraunts and leave him alone. and it's not because they're punishing him, it's because he just doesn't want to go. so they leave a 12 year old kid at home and leave him there for about 2-3 hours home alone. and they aren't like the american people that just leave there kids home because they don't care about him, but they just feel that he is mature enough and not so dumb. and ya i'm 12 too and i stay home alone but really not more than like 45 minutes. i really kind of think u could have left ure brother home, but maybe u could have asked him like how do u feel about staying home by ureself, or maybe called ure parents if there was a way to reach them and say if u could.
    I hope i helped a little

  • I don't think you should be bribing people with gifts to apologize, you could explain it to him, don't always just judge one particular thing, it's fine to leave your brother at home, he's mature enough to stay by himself, and I know that when the pictures of the Saints and the Holy Bible in front of me, no way will anything happen to me, because when I'm surrounded by awesome Saints and tons of pictures of Jesus, I'm comfortable, there shouldn't be a law stating that you have to be 16 to stay home, because there are certain reasons for people staying home, maybe their paralyzed (badi shar), or maybe their ill (badi shar also), or maybe they just don't feel like going anywhere that day! I know lots of people that stay home alone, I'm not afraid at all for myself and others, because I know they are also protected by their guardian angels or even the saints or GOD, I have to say 1 more thing about the gift for the driving instructor, a nice apology will help, it's always good to say the truth, but not all the time, I'm not saying lying, no, I'm talking about not saying anything at all, as you did, JesusisKingofKings!

    Coptic Servent
  • I agree with CopticServent. If you bribe him, he could misunderstand it. I also think that if ur brother is ALMOST hat old and u trust him, then just TRUST HIM IN THIS CASE, its lnot like ur gone for a 6hour thing. its like half an hour and pray before u leave
  • Thanks some of those posts really helped I think...

    I was thinking maybe just obey the law and maybe did not think much about why they made the law... so do you think they made the law for the sake of the children who are scared or immature to stay home alone...?
    would people not blame the parents if they letting their 12 year old child stay home who they think is not scared to stay home alone or who is mature if something bad happend to the child when they were gone?

    This is personal or something....
    What if I have difficulty thinking about the reason of laws? and I do not have much time to think anyway? I should just go with my conscience? ?

  • I'm going to have to say that, they probably made the law because there might have been violence in some of the country, or kidnapping, that might have been their solution to stop this from happening a second time!

    Coptic Servent
  • i think it's really good that u do right accordin 2 the law u r not to be blamed..

    but for not givin him a reason, well i know this person who WAS christian and now he's saying there's no God..neway he says i do according to the law so i dont kill ONLY becoz i'd get jailed for doing it.

    so i dont think he (the driving instructor) wont think that it's straight away becoz of ur religion and even if he did, what's rong about it??? :)

    i also hv a kinda problem with telling ppl y do i do certain things which often comes to be concerning religion but there's nothing abnormal or wrong about it, my mom told me that once and also my FOC...
    [center]"somethings you have to be actually proud of"[/center]

    pray for me.
  • I think if u buy him a present it wont be considered a gift it would be a bribe. A gift is not the answer. Just talk to him and let him know what was going on even though i dont feel that u should have to explain urself, especially to ur driving instructer. ur paying him not vice versa.
    good luck with that and ur driving test!
  • Thankyou for trying to help some people...

    Abigail gave David a present I think.. so can I?
    but I think yeah it might be bribing if I give a present

  • Abigail gave David a present I think.. so can I?

    where about in the bible lol i dunno it
  • i stay home alone sometimesl. Dont worry nothing bad could happen to hic, if u habe Godi n ur house,then dont be afraid,ur brother is mature right? If u dont trust him, then that is another problem.
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