• this one i have no clue where i got, but it is my favorite pic.
  • church in old egypt
  • a quick slide show
  • St Mary appearing in egypt
  • the hanging church
  • and

    ps my sis thinks i should stop posting these pictures, anyone else agree?
  • why man those pics are nice and if you have problems with your sister let her talk to me ;D ;) lol
  • HAHA, ;D

    well here are some pics,

    Rev. Hegoman the departed Abouna Bishoy Kamel
  • and another...

    Ordination of H.H. Phillopos I by H.H. Pope Shenoda III
  • here is my favorite one
  • hey anyone know why its saying the upload folder is full? ??? (in other words hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllpppppppppp!!!!!!!!)
  • There must be a limit as to how much space you can occupy on the host. I guess since you uploaded so many pictures you have used it all up.
  • [quote author=egyprincess link=board=4;threadid=336;start=60#msg3933 date=1087411036]
    this one i have no clue where i got, but it is my favorite pic.

    egyprincess...I'd say you got that pic from church...lol.

  • actually i think she got it from a friend. lol ;D
  • [quote author=Coptic_Avenger link=board=4;threadid=336;start=60#msg3984 date=1087474871]
    here is my favorite one

    hehe dats the pic on the Mercy Said No cd
    do u know it its from St philopateer in ney jersey america or sumting but its heeeeaps good but good stuff
  • [quote author=Defender! link=board=4;threadid=336;start=60#msg4002 date=1087510267]

    hey defender i dunno bout da oders but i cannot read arabic for any thing ye so could plz translate fanx
    fanx for sending anyway good stuff
  • the picture of Saint Mary and Jesus and all the saints on page 5 is a catholic picture isn't it?? it doesn't make all that much sense to me, cus in this picture Saint Mary and Jesus are portrayed to be equal which is a catholic belief, but then again, all of the orthodox saints are there. thats pretty wierd
  • it actually isn't. i asked my dad and he said he thinks he got it from church, besides, those r all Orthodox Saints ;) btw if u look closely u could see that St.Mary is somewhat smaller than Jesus. But i still like it :P
  • This is a pic of Sain Pachomious... you dont see too many but i happen to liek him very much considering my church is named for him
  • the picturee never came up..let me try again
  • this is one of my personal favorites
  • hay youstinna
    i really like dat picture 2 but it happens to be Catholic

    this is also a Catholic 1
  • sorry that i might not sound so conservative but so what if the picture is catholic. They all talk about Christ mostly
  • Ya habayby it's not, in the Church we put a picture of Jesus Christ on the right and St. Mary carrying Jesus Christ on the left.

    Plus can't you see all the Coptic saints, it's just like looking at a picture with mohammed and saying it's Christian.

  • :D sorry defender but we all know that lol

    hes talking bout wat i said bout youstinnas picture look at the fing i sent b4 his comment

    by the way Wasim i knew that i was just saying it was a catholic i didnt mean it was wrong or anything

  • i have a comment/question. does it really matter what religion the picture is as long as it glorifies God?
  • hay egyption princess
    no it doesnt matter but if its like sumting with the protestants and as long as it doesnt put in a wring way
  • sorry guys. i would be putting in pics but the site won't let me. :'( :'( :'(
  • maybe we went over the limit of uploads for this post
  • Yes it does egyprincess,

    because sometimes you see Pictures resembling the Catholic belief that we disagree with and sometimes the Coptic belief that the Catholics disagree on.

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