Do you think the coptic orthodox church would agree to much of the advice given on this site (which I think is catholic)?

[I think I might have scrupulosity]

Dont read from the site if you think it is best not to maybe so you do not stumble (because some people say only read orthodox stuff)

And I hope you do not believe the things that were said if they are wrong..

May God guard us from being deceived


  • Everything written on that website is wrong; do not listen to it.

    As for some examples:

    6. You shall not consider yourself guilty of bad thoughts, desires, or feelings, unless you can honestly swear before the all-truthful God that you remember clearly and certainly consenting to them.

    In our Orthodox prayers, we pray for the forgiveness of sins committed willingly and unwillingly, knowingly and unknowingly, the hidden and the manifest. You will find such prayers in the Agpia, the Liturgy etc. etc.

    I can't go through all examples right now; but I did read through the whole site. It is rubbish, and heteredox.
  • btw what does that website say, cn u shorten what it says cos i cnt read all this.


  • wow, that is wong
  • I Do not see anything that is wrong about this site
  • ANYTHING??? You must be kidding me! It says that if you have doubt that what you are doing is wrong you should continue blindly. You tell me that is right? I would stay away from it if I had the least doubt that it was wrong.
  • lol, thats true. think about it 22years. there is a lot of wrong stuff in it if you just hink about it more and more. there is wrong stuff for sure, even in the first two sentences. becuase those are NOT the commandments and that's obviously something that you dont want to be influenced by.
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