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The fast has begun... How should we fast? With so many diversions of fasting...wat is the true, right way of fasting according to the Coptic Church?


  • all i know is that DO NOT EAT DAIRY PRODUCTS OR MEAT (basically any animals or anything that comes from animals). me and my friends skip breakfast and eat 2 meals a day. but that is only if your body can handle it. if you don't want to start now, you don't have to. unless you think you can eat vegitarian with non dairy products for 55 days. but some people don't start until much later
  • I think fasting is not only about food...but about self control for everything, and feeling the hunger. Also i think that there must be prayer associated with fasting.

    Fasting is not only controlling what you desire...but also a "hunger strike" for God to hear our CRY.
    For this reason, the Church fasts and prays for three days in a bad situation.
  • that would be correct...and that would depend on ur sprituality!!
  • I think the fasting is primarily on to show that you have faith and you can get better grades and feel better about yourself, so your self-esteem is higher everyday, because you feel awesome about yourself and others, and when you fast, you remember that this is your payback for God, for all the wonderful things he has done for us! I also heard that one of the things that will send you to heaven, (which will be the greatest experience in my life) is fasting!

    Coptic Servent
  • oh, help...whenever i think bout fasting i get really scared i feel like i wanna forget bout it, it's painful ppl :-\
  • mnc_hnn, I would recommend you to read the book of St. Matthew, the chapter where God was tempted by satan to let him be God instead of Jesus, it will remind you how brave and strong our Lord was!

    Coptic Servent
  • you remember that this is your payback for God

    It's not necessary a can't payback to God...His gifts are so much that anything we do aren't going to payback for anything He gives to us. someone mentioned before in fast for yourself not for God...God won't benefit from your fasting...You spiritual life will.
  • Your Foc should decide how much you should fast, since he knows the most about you.
  • I agree with Christ4Life, but i also think that when you fast take pleasure in it. always rejoice over it and do not complain about not fasting. try to come closer to God during your fast and try to take this fast as a blessing and a gift, rather than a penalty given to us from god.
    i got this kind of advice from a book from pope shenouda. he explains that when you fast you are supposed to gain a new level of spirituality and conquer the devil. he says that fasting is a joyous time when you devote yourself to GOD.
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    Also i think that there must be prayer associated with fasting.

    The Fathers calls fasting without prayer "the Fast of Demons" since demons never eat, yet they never pray.
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    oh, help...whenever i think bout fasting i get really scared i feel like i wanna forget bout it, it's painful ppl :-\

    the very spiritual fathers...if they had sinned...a BIG punishment would be if ur father of confession told you to break the FAST>...they used to go crying for days about this...while here in the world..we go crying for days becasue we are going to fast!!
  • lol yea i heard that..NO i read it i read it..

    i'm losing my mind these days...

  • I want to add to a little of what I said before. When fasting, if you do not feel a love for God, stop fasting. There is no reason for you to fast if you are not gaining anything from it. It's like going to work and not even working, so you aren't getting money. Think about all the pleasures God has given you and take this time to thank him. Pope Shenouda describes it as a time to let God help you in every problem. I think that that is true. Also, my FOC told me that fasting helps you win those spiritual fights over the devil. It may be astonishing, but you can gain so much for just not eating dairy products and that's why there is more to fasting than people say.

    love lots,
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