Lying, Exagerrating, Literal ? ?

When someone says something like ... "daniel is loved by everyone"..
this seems to me to be an exagerration and is not exagerrating a way of lying or something?

But it seems to me even though some things are not true when taken literally some people and even priests maybe might not take it as sin.. but would God?

If you go to this site
you might read this

"He was an eminent, learned and meek man, who was loved by everyone"

obviously not everyone loves this saint ? I think..

have you read the verse with some of these words?

"owe no one anything but to love one another" ?

you can read the verse from Romans from here and other verses 13:8-10;&version=9;

So do you think if something is not true literally but gets a message across or something and does not hurt another persons feelings its okay? but if you exagerrate something this might influence others or something to do the same and this will harm their spiritual life and be against love..

why would not being literal offend God?
It might or it might not.. can you give reasons?

This is a personal issue maybe because I like to be truthful literal alot of the times maybe..

do I like to be truthful? maybe I do not like it but I feel I should be truthful literally... I say this because I want you to see that even in everyday speech maybe we say things not truthful literally and it takes maybe alot of thinking before we speak...

and then is speaking not free and conversation not as enjoyable? Maybe I went off the main issue now if there is one..

I do not want people to be sick (if thats an okay word to use because it doesnt seem people would really get sick .. some might ) of my posts about little things maybe..


  • JesusistheKingofKings, don't worry, if you have a problem some people are opposites and have different opinions about topics, God gives us all encouragement in our life, and he gives us TALENT, some people have talents with music-instruments, some drawing-art, some poems, some stories, and so on! You ought to love one another, whether if they were your enemies, regarding this comment from our Lord Jesus Christ, "Love your enemies as yourself" We all think differently and express are feelings differently, exaggeration is more about imagining something unrealistic sometimes, when you think about a certain questions, you get different answers, and sometimes the same!

    Coptic Servent
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