Anyone here from NY ??

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hello everybody ,
I am new here and I am glad to find this wonderful site .
I am an Egyptian coptic female ,moving to NY within a few months and please I need some help .
I also need to get good friends in NY .
Any one can help me ??
Please email me at [email protected]
Thank you very much


  • Hi
    are there any coptic females in NY who want to learn tasbeha I can help her and we can become good friends :)
    I am an Egyptian female ,coptic ,moving to NY and Iwould love to get good friends there.
    Thank you
  • Hey Mohrail, I am a Coptic girl who just moved to NY. Tell me a little bit about yourself. Age, date of birth, where you were born, you know. The basics. Oh yeah, where exactly in NY are you moving?
  • what part of new york are you going to??
  • hello
    i am moving to Manhattan.
    I need to get good friends there .My field is educational technology .
    Thank you for all your replies .
    please ,I need some one who is familier with Manhattan housing and I am looking for a place to live in .
    Thank you
  • Hey Mohrail, welcome to Manhattan. If you are looking for help with the housing and stuff, you can go to the church in Queens, about 20-30 minutes from Manhattan. Unfortunately, I am currently not living there until January 2004, but I really hope you enjoy it there. Manhattan is really nice and always full of Egyptians. Hope you like it!! Good luck. ;D
  • Also, jersey city is literally 10 minutes away from manhattan by train, or bus. We have 2 churches in jersey city, full of egyptians that are interested in helping out. If you need directions, I will be glad to give them to you, to either church.
  • We also have a Youth Meeting every Friday at Saint Mark's, Jersey City which you can attend to benefit and to meet fellow Copts.
  • Hi, if you are looking for housing in NY, you should use the web cite:

    It has a lot of housing options in the NY area. I don't know if you are already here or not, but hope that helps, I just found this coptic cite today. I live in Manhattan, and that is how I found my apt. Good luck.
  • God bless u all.I live in NYC and live in Brooklyn. I am a Puerto Rican Orthodox male. I am Antiochian and I have a community on paltlak called Eastern Orthodox evangelism and bible study. All Ortohodox welcomed.
  • hey,im a 14 fenale turning 15, im nyc, brooklyn come to astoria queens ;D :D :) ;)
  • hey , come to brooklyn church its great, there are 3 wonderful and helpful priests., that can help u with watever u need let me no if u need directions, its like 20 min away from the city , but let me no in a private message were u live and if u need n e thing let me no gluck <33
  • ya the church in brooklyn is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nicee i was baptised thereee i like it very much abouna luke, mina and armaya are like reallllly nicee

    the church in astoria with abouna rewias is veryyyyyyyyy nice too the ppl there are very nice ppl there (like me lol) :D ;D :)
  • i go to brooklyn church also

    I was baptized there 2
  • mohrail if u are in manhatten then i would go to astoria queens its closer than brooklyn church and abouna rewias is veryy nice u r going to really like this churchh :D
  • God be with you in your traveling and your success in the US
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