hey guys, i have a friend who stole from the mall a couple of times. first time she didn't get caught, second time she got stopped. and the third time she was almost arrested. if she asks for God's forgivness, will she be forgived. she asked for it one time, then she couldn't help her self and did it again. will God forgive her again if she truly is sorry and def. won't do anything like again ???


  • The only way she will be forgiven is to confess to her FOC, and repent not to do it again, she stole which is against the commandment of God says, "You shall not Steal" and she did, so therefore, she needs to repent, and if she doesn't that will be against her on judgement day!

    Coptic Servent
  • wel god forgave st moses the black who was a thief, murderer and adulter and there are many more saints who were in the same situation and they were forgiven because they repented and confessed their weakness and never went back to their sin

    abouna told me this story once of a boy who used to kill. one day he went to abouna and asked for forgiveness and told him he would never kill again. abouna, being wise asked him, if god performed a miracle and raised this man u killed from the dead, what would u do? the man said, id kill him again. so abouna said u are not worthy 2 receive absolution until the sin is completly out of your heart

    my point is if they are willing to repent and confess and not go back again, god will forgive them

    As Jesus said, "When I forgive, I forget"
  • mazza, I loved that story, it was really powerful, thanks for sharing that with us!

    Coptic Servent
  • no problems
  • try not to commit them.........................................................................................................................................................................

  • Defenitely, but she should confess to her FOC. and never ever steal again.

    God Bless
  • u know about these kinda diseases which drive ppl to steal and they cant stop it because it's an illness..
    so it means they need treatment, but does it count as a sin for them???

  • Yes. Unless they are crazy or have some kind of mental illness, they are completely responsible for every single move they make.

    If she has COMPLETELY repented and will never do it again, of course God will forgive her.
  • hi,

    umm... the only way she can be forgiven is if she confesses and [glow=red,2,300]repents[/glow]
  • yeah, that is what i told her, (to confess). now the only problem is that she feels to ashamed of her self, that she doesn't want to tell her FOC. she thinks he will get a bad idea about her.
  • i think u need to point out for her that her FOC and all FOCs pray special prayers that confessions of other ppl don't negatively affect their reactions towards ppl (that's what i've heard) and so her FOC himself is gonna say the absolution to her so he must he himself believe and feel God's forgiveness which he gives to all of us through the service of the priest!!!

    i wish i'm rit...
  • i agree with you mnc_hnn becuase the FOC will never judge her becuase he cannot and the FOC, i have been told, forgets these situations right away because God doesn't want him to like remember them and use them against the person because they are catually between just the person and GOD! also, tell her that she needs to think about the consequences of someting before she does something bad in a situation and tell her that the consequences are that she toughen up and let someone know
  • Heaven rejoices when One Person repents then 99 Holy People that do not need repentness
  • tell her that and make sure that you keep including that her FOC will not notice this sin becuase when she walks out the room, God makes him forget . When it becomes a habit, God will let the FOC intervene a little bit.
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