Failing a course

I just found out that I failed a course at school, how should I tell my parents.


  • I think you should pray, and ask God to help you before you spill the news to them, he will help you if you have hope & faith, that you can probably spill it easier and have another chance to pass that course, MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!

    Coptic Servent
  • yeah, i agree with copticservent because, it might not be easy to spill out the news to them. is it your first time failing a course?
    well, just PRAY and it will be alright when you tell them and pray that God will help you and be with you to do better on the course again.

  • hey congradulations, this is your very first post. i am guessing that you are new, well....welcome!!!
  • st paul...i have had similar situations where i can and could not tell my parents of something in a similar position.... would be easier if u GIVE URSELF TIME> simple as it sounds...the more u accpet what has happened the more you will find that it is much easier to tell ur parents...

    secondly....inform your parents how u went that year..not mentioning the failing part...

    eg...(im not talking bout u just giving an example)...mum...lately i have been really distracted from friends...and i cant seem to concentrate in class and well my grades have really dropped...however iu wiill try work harder..i have to keep focused...i am really upset about this year...what do u think i should do??

    that way, will be in the same position as u r n understand what u r going through and that the failure doesnt come as a SHOCK to them...

    then later...u can say...mum...remmember how i said that i havent been able to work to my potential, well i seem to really have gone of trak n get...n this is where u mention what u want....i am really upset... n i know if i take an extra half an hour everyday on this certain subject... i could probably lift my marks by x% or wateva...

    make ur parents know everything....that way...they are expected to help you out and not be wel...parent like if u know what i mean...

    ok Stpaul the anchorite...i hope i helped alot... :)n gooooood luk..personally i couldnt tell my parents about the similar position....but i am still giving myself time...even though it has been half a year...i still need more time!!
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