hi guys. i am curious about reincarnation. we learned a little about it in school. does it say anything in the bible about it??? if you know, please tell me and please tell me anything else that you may know about it.

Thank YOu
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  • i feel really rude to ask, but could you tell me what that means again brvause i think that i remember taking it, but i forgot it? could u remind me... :-[
  • sure, the indians mostly beleive in it. they beleive that when you are living you have to do good things to be reincarnated (rebirth of a soul but in a new body) into something good. when you do bad things, you are reincarnated into something bad like a bug. do you get what i am saying??? so, to the indians, they mostly believe in carma and how you have to do really good things in order to live another good life
  • yeah, i never thought about it that way, yeah, you are right MarMar91. Thank you

    God Bless
  • thanks sooo much MarMar91... ill think about this topic and then come up with an answer.
  • My dad said the same thing as marmar. Buddest believe in it. I don't get how they believe in stupid. It wouldn't make scince to live. :( Ne ways it is completely wrong !


    God bless
  • yeah, well it is THERE beleif's, so if THEY think it's right, than let them think that. i just wanted to know everyones oppinions on this topic. but i def. think it's wrong :(
  • here is exactly what the budhist believe. (please feel free to correct me if i am wrong) but they believe you keep getting reincarnated until you reach a state of "enlightment" and then you go to heaven.

    i think it is totally outragous that people think they are reborn and i fell really really sorry for them because just think that you belkieve that you will be reborn and when you die you meet god. i mean think how scarry that will be.

    May God help them and i hope that helps at least a little.
  • Yes... they believe that, depending on your karma, you will be reincarnated into a person of a higher or lower state. For example, if I was a bad person I would decrease from my current state, from lets say a warrior to a peasant. However if I was a good person I would get reincarnated from a peasant to a warrior (for example). When you get to the highest state possible you will get to go to heaven. What they believe this "heaven" is, I do not know.
  • Ecclesiastes 12:7 says, "Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, And the spirit will return to God who gave it."

    Also, Hebrews 9:27 says, "And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment..." Since death is only once, reincarnation cannot be true. Furthermore, after death, there will be a judgment. This is further clarified in the story of Lazarus and the rich man told by Christ in Luke 16:19-31. There is no second chance after this life...

    Hope that helps.
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