lack of church

hey guys. i have a friend who doesn't live anywhere near me and she can't go to church due to her family having jobs on sunday. and she wants to go and she is scared that if she doesn't go, God will be mad at her and she will be a sinner. what do you think she should do??? :'(


  • have her ask abouna if there is any way that he can give her communion at her house. also, if her parents are ok with it, you might be able to pick her up and give her a ride to the church. she culd pray from her house and u could tape for her some masses and she culd listen to music from the time that church starts until it ends.
  • i read somewhere in the rules of the apostles that if some1 dosent have Holy Communion for 40 days, they can be inhabited by an evil spirit.
  • I heard about that before I think.. but I thought maybe we cant be possessed if we have been baptised... and if thats true my I know people who maybe are possessed even though it may not be obvious
  • no it doesnt mean that he is possesed...just that there is more of a chance because you are further away from the word of GOD and away from His body n blood!!
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