being asked questions

hi guys. i am just wondering if people know that you are an egptian and if everyone keeps asking you questions. some, very dumb questions like "did you wear shoes" or "did you ever ride a camel". if so, what questions have you been asked? :o


  • I answered sometimes, because some people have been moving to school (new kids) and don't know I'm egyptian, some people asked very dumb questions like, did you live in pyramids, or is that a tatoo! LOL

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  • did u guyz live in the desert?
    did u guyz had like camals and stuff instade of cars?
    and so on....

    and marmar..someone asked me that question before and i was talking to him about how we were in church for christmas and stuff.
  • yup i have been like DID YOU LIVE IN A PYRAMID?

    they are all pretty dumb, huh
  • lol i get asked that question a thousand times a week!! Though in australia people are often racist and ask rudely, therefore i find it best to smile at them and ask them why they want to know where im from. If they are genuine (yarni maybe they are from the middle east too or something) i'll tell them, but if they are asking for the sake of it they are left feeling incomfortable :P:P.

    As an attachment to the question though, is that whenever i tell people im egyptian, and say that im christian they never believe it.. But ultimately its not something im going to lose sleep over, i mean i know what i am and thats the important thing :D
  • lol...because we are minorities ;)
  • we are minorities in both culture and religion...most of them aren't minority in culture...most of them are either americans or europeans...
    I think we are like the minority in everything...but hey we have been blessed ;)...Blessed be Egypt my people
  • umm well to answer your Question....

    READY>>>i go to an EGYPTIAN SKOOL IN AUSTRALIA...erll about 90 percent of them are then the other 7 percent are sudanese..and the last 3 are differnt cultures...


    get a load of EVERY! knows i am an egyptian...

    the thing we do at skool is tease the EGYPTIANS> Egyptian Timing...or how we get excited at discounts!! lol..there is much more where that came from!! lol!! ;)
  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=10;threadid=3227;start=0#msg47791 date=1139795630]
    lol.. when people ask me what religion i am, and i say Coptic Orthodox, they are like, i've never heard of it, or say oh, as if they wished that they didnt

    u'd think that people wud know more about us.. like, if someone said they were Lutheran, I'd have a good idea of what they belive, but no1 has a clue what Coptic Orthodox is..

    How come more often than not we learn about the protestant reformation in skool, but not things like coptic persectuion or like, the arab conquest thing of egypt?

    so true

    like i say im coptic orthodox... and theyre like what the?? so im like u know the greek orthodox lol and they go yea, similar to that--some ppl are so ignorant

    but i think the one that wins it all 4 me was with our bishop, he was tellin us a few stories and there was this guy that came up 2 him and goes so what religion are u and hes like im coptic orthodox and the dude is that muslim lol- thats a killer

    i went shopping once with one of the deaconesses and we went to buy meat and the lady was like im sorry we dont sell halal meat lol. she goes im a nun hahahahahaha
    it was so funni :P :P i couldnt stop laughing

    but back to that egyptian thing:
    i always get asked dumb questions like that lol. probably cus im like the only gypo in my school so i get random questions like:
    - were u born in a pyramid
    - did u live in a pyramid
    - were u related to a pharaoh
    - so are u like from a royal background
    - is egypt only desert
    - are camels the only form of transportations

    so yea theyre pretti lame, but its so funni
  • [quote author=why link=board=10;threadid=3227;start=0#msg47808 date=1139807226]
    umm well to answer your Question....

    READY>>>i go to an EGYPTIAN SKOOL IN AUSTRALIA...erll about 90 percent of them are then the other 7 percent are sudanese..and the last 3 are differnt cultures...


    get a load of EVERY! knows i am an egyptian...

    the thing we do at skool is tease the EGYPTIANS> Egyptian Timing...or how we get excited at discounts!! lol..there is much more where that came from!! lol!! ;)

    BAHAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha COPTIC SKOOL KID!!!
    Ahaha.. thats funny a Coptic Skool Kid on this site... (i just find that amusing, regardless if anyone else does, or
    So, Tell me, who are you, and what year u in? and the most common question, :P What church do u go to? maybe i know you...haha

    to answer the Original Q.. yes people ask me sarcastic questions, like "is your mum a mummy?".. but thats a kiddy question, when we were young.. and other questions they'd ask is like, "is the Transport in Egypt, Camels?"
    some questions they ask can be serious.. i guess u just have to go with the joke, and then like make them look stupid...haha.. thats mean.. but still...lool.. but it'd be great to have an egyptian by ur side.. u can just laugh at them, well at their question, not exactly them....haha...

  • omg the questions... lol

    ive never been asked if i live in a pyramid... hopefully people are past that stage lol...

    but i get asked questions like did u ride on a camel, is it all dust and sand, ect... lol...
  • well, you are REALLY lucky to visit. cause i was born there and i came to america when i was 4 and i do remember some stuff, but i always really want to visit and see all the great museums, beaches, and streets. i really want to go and hope i can god willing. :-\
  • I think that's funny:
    +did you ever live in a pyramid
    +were you made from dust
    +were you related to a pharoh
    +do camels have rabies or aids
    +at church, do you worship pharohs
    I think some people need to get there information straight, I have been asked questions like, is your house a pyramid, or something about a camel can't remember, I used to back then, lie about some stuff, because they were so gullible, and used to tell them fairytales like a girl had really long hair...kaza kaza happened, I regret that moment when I lied, but they were soooooooo...gullible!

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  • i'v been asked MANY things. like:

    1. do you wear shoes
    2. how do you get water
    3. are you related to king TUT
    4. are they gonna mumify you when you die
    5. don't you write in hyroglyphics?????
    6. do you dance that pharoh dance

    and my favorite one of them all... "i thought egypt didn't exist anymore"

    and they were SERIOUS!!! :) LOL, LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL that is soooooo funny!
  • Some people even sound like their blondes, but don't have blonde hair!

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  • Lots of people think that Egyptians have only 1 kind of transportation, a camel, and I have been asked questions like is it all pyramids, and are pyramids the only type of household!

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  • I personally think Egypt is awesome wherever I go, it is much better than america, but then again I enjoy the snow, I guess MarMar you need gatorade handy, and some ice in a cooler, are you by any chance clysterphobic? That might be the reason for you can't take the heat, get some ice cream, and if you are fasting (syma) there is strawberry gelatin ice cream! :D

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  • I've been asked once if we use knifes, forks and spoons...and if there are cars in Egypt...

    They just make me laugh...
  • Silverware, haha, never heard of that before!

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  • [quote author=MarMar91 link=board=10;threadid=3227;start=15#msg48812 date=1140818729]
    lol.. does egypt exist.. people tend to forget that Egypt is in Africa which is understandable I guess because if you're Egyptian, you don't think you're african, but you do for scholarships! lol... but egyptianorthobeaut... i have onlt been there once for like 3 weeks, i never in my life lived there... i only went once for less than a month, and i have to say, I hated it ... we went as a church group, but the real reason i didnt like it was the heat... i was gunna die.. seriously, i am one of thsoe people who can't take the heat.... but like, im going again this year in June, and last time we went to the hot upper egypt places like Luxor and Aswan, Aand the sand was in my eyes.. hopefully this time now that im older i'll enjoy it..

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?. i would love it. i don't remember anything about it though. but i am a hot weather person. cause i was born in a hot weather location. i mean, i might of stayed in egypt only the first four years of my life, but my body is soooo used to the warm weather till now. to prove it, it would be like 75 degrees out side and i would still be cold. i know, my body is sooo weird like that. ;)
  • ok, i got askd this LAST period(am in school now btw) the guy sitting rit infront of me saw me writting something and he's like wat language is that and i was like arabic and he said " you guys live in temples and use camals instead of cars?" it was pretty sad how people have bad backgrounds about egypt!

  • Yeah, i know how you feel. they just think it is basically a big desert where egyptians are stranded and make everything home made and hunt and stuff like that. sometimes it gets me mad
  • i've been asked things like:

    do you always have sand storms
    do you live in tents
    -they don believe that i came by plane they think i came from egypt walking
    do you have donkeys and camels instead of cars
    pharohs rule egypt rit?
    u dance egyptian dancing (and start showing off)
    you eat snakes and other insects
    do you have chocolate in rgypt?
    u pray in the middle of the street on mats (this 1 made me burst!)
    you wear galabias and head scarves
    you'r not allowed to eat certain things and things bout halal..........
    ...that can go on for another 100 pages lol

    patience is very recommended in these cases, do you agree?

  • i actually met a girl and she is catholic and i told her that i was fasting for lent. anyways, we were talking and she asked where i was from and i told her egypt. and she didn't ask me any of those weird questions. she said that it was cool. i was SO SURPRISED!!!
  • wow..those are umm well....WEIRD one has ever asked me bout Egypt becaseu as i said before...BUT once i go into UNI...ill be shore to dig up this Forum and tell u what they asked me lol....

    so....what do u do to these answers...laugh...answer...give them dirties, explain, say "ur a bimbo" or what...
  • I reply to their questions, even if they are silly and they should-know-by-now questions I'll answer them, I don't want them to leave them clueless I would rather tell them, than make them ask a different egyptian thae same silly question!

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  • I guess that's true, but honestly some people are too smart to ask these questions. Because when you ask these questions, you are implying that you know nothing, but I am so very sure that these people know that we don't live in pyramids. Other than that, I think that replying to the ones that have a little sense in them is ok.
  • well, to me it gets on my nerves that if they are just asking those questions to act smart, when they know that the answer is obvious like:

    "no i did not live in a pyramid"

    "no i did not work as a slave"

    "yes we had water"

    ...and shoes

    some of there questions are really insulting!
  • One time, actually many times, I was thought of a mexican, just by my face, and usually mexicans are very tan, I'm not I'm just light tan, and this lady came up to me and started speaking spanish, I was like, I---don't---speak---spanish, I have mexican friends, but I mean, me considered a hispanic, that's just of this world, I don't even look like I'm hispanic!

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  • i got that all the time especially when i was in intermediate school because there were a lot of mexicans there and people would think i am one of them. i actually got asked if i was hawaiin or italian. and i always until now, get "i thought you were mix" i would say....."no.." because i am tan too. but not that dark. lol.
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