saint movies

i love watching saint movies but i havent watched them in a long time. and i hate watching them get tortured. i don't know wheather to watch them or not. i want to but i will think about the movies and get night mares. i don't know what i should do ???


  • Not all saints get tortured at the end...there is Pope kyrollis and other saints who didn't get torture and have movies for them...The movies in here are mostly saints who didn't get can watch nightmares whatsoever ;)
  • i know, but some of my favorite ones are the ones that they get tortured in. like st. marina. i love that movie but at the end i do get nightmares :(
  • Pray before you sleep. God will keep the nightmares away.
  • I think Saint movies are great, and a way of showing us about the saint. :D
  • i know, but see, i REALLY wish that i can watch them without flinging or closing my eyes. i mean i want to learn about saint's lives and i do realize that some have been tortured really bad for God. i realize that, but i don't think that it is necessary to show all that. i mean, i wish that i can stand all that blood and seeing what they do to them but i just can't without thinking about it for a week and for that thought to leave my mind. is it the devil? i don't know. but i will pray next time i watch them and hope that the devil will just leave my mind!! >:( :'( :-*
  • look... they are good and i highly doubt that because of a saint movie you will gain nightmares. they will on the other hand give u more spiritual wisdom and u wil llearn more about the saint every time you watch this vidore. i agree that you should pray and dont worry because the saints are always protecting us and when you do get a nightmare just get up and say our father and talk to god and ask him to pass the night in peace and God will be ther for you.
  • yeah, i guess i have to face it and watch some of those movies. i will pray to God and ask him to keep those bad thoughts off my mind.
  • watch them in the morning...i have friends like that..they refuse to see movies with torture!!
  • imagine if the budgets were higher...(just my opinion!)
  • Saint movies aren't usually as strong as say classified 18s. So there not too bad in terms of strong scenes. ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D
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