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hi everyone ;D ;)
For those who live in CA
Churches of the Diocese
The Diocese of LA
share with us if you don't mind
who is your father of confession and what church he is from?
and why did you choose him give us some reason that really makes keep going with him
some of his characters
what you like about him
i know all the priests are blessing and wonderful
from your experience which priest you like the most for confession and you really recommand him for others
i like to hear from you guys ;D ;)


  • sorry to be rude- but isnt that a bit personal ???
  • your telling me it's me personal
    i'm telling you to confess online also i haven't ask you tell me what he has been telling you
    you misundestand me and what i was trying to say
    i'm not telling you say ur name i don't want anyone to mention their name i'm talking about the priests
    there is nothing personal about this topic
    what you guys think
    if you guys don't like this topic let someone who is charge of this delete this topic
    i just need guidness and advice from you guys that all i need
  • umm
    Calm down Christ_Lover
    My Advice to stand up and ask God to lead you to someone and ask the Holy Spirit to Guide you
    this the best advice to give you because he knows more you than us
    Mazza I agree with her because this little personal as she said also it's really hard to choose between them all of them are blessing and wonderful
    each priest it's school itself
    I'm sure if you let the Holy Spirit to choose he will choose the perfect one for you
    he willing to choose the best for Us even though without asking he gives us the best of the best from above
    Finally remember me in your prayer

  • with u in this

    sorry mazza :P (no worries she is my friend)

    its really beneftial to find the type of confession if he explains or like gives you advice or is the type of priests that say rabena ya haleeke (lord forgive you) depends on the kind of person you are...but at the same time they all come from God...
  • Ok My FOC is actually from Egypt, but we are actually in Minnesota. He is actually my dad. ::) Ok, we go to St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Minnesota. It is one of the best churches to me, honestly. It's because we are a great and wonderful group altogehter. Well, we only have one FOC at the church, but honestly he is a great advice giver-dad or not. I really like that he is completely honest and he DOES NOT judge your point of view. He knows how you feel and he completely respects that. He may try to change it if it's religious worth, but he gives great advice. He's really nice and he really likes to give advice to us when we need it and he never minds answering any questions. He acutally enjoys it, which is what makes him great and we have lots of fun together. Like, he joins many of the youth activities. And he loves the church and he loves the congregation. I would recommend him to all youths because he can help you out at all times and he does not mind sharing advice and he will tell you the complete truth religiously and what you should do. He's a wonderful helper and it even would feel that way if he wasn't my dad.

    Love lots,
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