hello ;D

hello all, my name is Christine and i am egyptionorthobeaut. i wrote quite a few things on this website, but i still consider my self new. i am 15 yrs. old and i live in Delaware. i just wanted to introduce my self and make sure that all of you accept me.

God Bless,


  • oh yeah, i also forgot to mension that i was born in Cairo, Egypt and came to America at age 4. i have lived in Delaware all my life. and i have never been back to egypt. i wish. i have a lot of family there and many here. i love writing, working with computers, listining to music, and shopping. and i want to be a interior designer when i grow up because i love art.

  • WELCOME christine...i hope u enjoy this site which i know that u might already enjoyed it..so..enshalah u will be an interior designer..who knows!


  • Hello, welcome Christine, glad to have you here, and you will enjoy this site, which you probably already did, God willing, hopefully, enshalah, you will become an interior designer, I never knew anyone from delaware, but it's great to know that I actually know someone from delaware!

    Coptic Servent
  • thank you all, i feel loved. lol. but yeah, enshalah god willing, i hope i will be an interior decorater. and i do enjoy this website. thanks to my cousin, she told me about it.

    Thank you,
    God Bless ;D
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