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I want to know what your favorite book is.
(Christian books only svp) ;)

plz tell me which book(s) you recommend.

(To be honnest, I usually read books after I heard something good about it or about the author. )




  • I really recommend you to read all the Pope Shenouda III's books, not all I guess, some, they are my favorite books, especially "Quizzes On The Holy Bible" they are outstanding, it's a huge blessing to read one of H. H. Pope Shenouda III's books because it answers almost any question you have, and May God give H. H. Pope Shenouda III a long life!

    Coptic Servent
  • hi

    i recomend the book: Experiences in Life by H.H.Pope Shenouda III, reading the book made me realise how lucky we are that God granted us such a wise leader, having his holiness to lead God's flock.
  • I recommend the book by H.H. Pope Shenouda " The Salvation in the Orthodox Concept ."

    After reading it, you feel how privilege to be a Coptic Orthodox believers, having the correct faith.


  • One of my favorite books is "Youth Concerns Questions & Answers" By Bishop Moussa. It is basically a question and answer book so you can just pick any specific part you want to read. If you are a teenager and have a question about the church or the church's views, the answers are probobly in this book. It helped me with SO MANY questions I had.

    It looks like this: (attatched)
  • I would like to read the book, it looks like an interesting book, on Sunday, I'll go check that book out of the Coptic Library, I was just wondering godhelpme3691, what do you like about that book, that makes it so interesting, and if anyone can explain about the book they recommended please describe it for me (Safaa, habib-el-rab, and MarMar91)!

    Coptic Servent
  • MarMar91: Do you mean the book: youth concerns (the same book godhelpme3691 recommends?)
  • i truly recommend

    I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

    its a great book to learn of how dating isnt all what it seems etc lol
    i cant tell u all of it or il ruin the book ;) ;) ;)
  • Thnx for all these advices!

    But do u guys only read books from H.H. Pope Shenouda and H.G. Bisshop Moussa??

    (Except Joshua Harris :P)
  • Read this:

    1.Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody, William Hoffer

    2.Voices Behind the Veil: The World of Islam Through the Eyes of Women by Ergun Mehmet Caner
  • For the older members I would recommend "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius the Apostolic. This is an excellent book. However, it is not an easy read. It can get very complicated and tough to follow. You need to be able to follow complex theological arguments. Despite this, it is definately worth the effort.
  • i really liked the "Law of the Second Mile" by Abouna Bishoy Kamel...
  • "Law of the Second Mile"

    I've never read a book of Abouna Bishoy Kamel, but I really want 2. Do u know if I can order this and did he write more books?

    "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius the Apostolic.

    I have this book, but I haven't started reading it, coz the english is very difficult. :( But becoz of ur recommendation I 'll try not to give up :)

  • i recommend Life After Life by Raymonda A. Moody

    its really good- it discusses what happens to people when they have near-death experiences an what happens to them. i finished it in one day- its a small book so you shouldnt have a problem
  • i dont know if you can order it... i got it from a church ma'rad... this is a small book too, it took me about an hour to finish..
  • I would recommend a book named "Practical Spirituality" by: Father Athanasius Iskander..

    its great! there is alot about Dicipline of the mind, the will, the senses, the memory & imagination, presumptuous sins, the pursuit of virtues etc.
  • Coptic4life: I've never heard about fr. Athanatius Iskander b4, in which church does he serve?
  • ok marian this is a book of a life time...

    'against the tides in the middle east' is of a muslim man who converted n had to flee to have freedom in preaching about jesus christ....

    it tells of his journey...n its one hek of a journey...

    where somewher in Africa he comes across canabals (human eating humans) who want to eat him, having no passport (or something like that) he had to be breast fed by a christian women or he wouldnt eat...

    it is absolutely grate n it is written by him!!
  • do u have that book.. would i b able to borrow it off you
  • umm yer sure .once i find it...i actually borrowed it off the tasonies ..LAST wait the year before

  • [move][glow=red,2,300]no problemo[/glow][/move]
  • Wow.. great books!! Thanks!
    You all, keep posting your favorite books please!

    Recently I heard about H.H. Pope Shenouda's book: Have you seen the one I love?
    I havent been able to read it yet, but I'm going to order it soon :)
  • Try the bible :D
    Father Arseny
    Priest, prisoner, and spiritual Father

    This book combines everything you're looking for into 1. You'll love it and it is very easy to read and follow  :D
  • A very rich book is The Titles of Christ by Matthew the Poor. I have read it twice and look forward to another read soon. If any one else has read it I would love your comments.

    In Christ
  • Monastic Wisdom: The Letters of Elder Joseph the Hesychast - This is a wonderful book and my favorite. It contains the letters of a modern day Eastern Orthodox Elder (who will most likely be officially canonized one day). The letters are wonderful with great words on prayer, affliction, temptation, monasticism, and other things. His life was full of difficulties but he trusted himself to God in all things enduring attacks by demons, terrible sickness, and hunger while living in the wilderness of Mt. Athos and his loving words are inspiring for the Christian believer. I would recommend this along with his life written by Elder Joseph of Vatopedi of blessed memory who was one of his spiritual sons who back in July fell asleep in the Lord. That book is called Elder Joseph the Hesychast. Struggles-Experiences-Teachings which is a very inspirational book which will profit the soul.

    Another book I like is The Lives of Simeon Stylites which contains three accounts of the life of St. Simeon who is one of my favorite Saints.

    The Ladder of Divine Ascent by St. John Climacus is also a spiritual classic which is read every Lent by Orthodox monks and laity. I've read it twice and it is an amazing book. It should be read under spiritual direction though so not to misunderstand the writing. If one plans on reading this, I recommend getting the edition printed by the Holy Transfiguration Monastery since it's the best translation.

  • John Climacus is sometimes reasonable, but other times I find him really scathing towards those in the community. He has no appreciation for the Sacraments- Bishop Ware believes he presupposes their significance, but I would have expected to see a much more central role of the Eucharist. I don't find that he has any ecclesiastic sense, apart from the way he champions the defenders of the faith, and he is quite critical of those who preach the gospel, and priests in the world. I don't know, he has many words of wisdom, but defintely need to be read under spiritual giudance- it can make you despair, and he takes St. Paul's exhortation to remain unmarried to the extreme (this is written for monks by the way) but notice, however, that he is pretty dismissive of Christians in the world- their virtues are of "vainglory", and dry up in the arid nature of the desert. I reckon that is inescapable, but this needs to be measured by the false pride and vainglory one can get for being able by God to live up to the monstatic call (something he later admits to). It needs to be re-enforced with conviction before you read the book that God is the one who calls for monastic life, and there is a different and vital role for us in the world.
  • [quote author=marian6 link=topic=3078.msg46408#msg46408 date=1138322802]
    Coptic4life: I've never heard about fr. Athanatius Iskander b4, in which church does he serve?

    Marian6, he serves in St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

    His three books are available on the St. Mary's website for free in PDF format:

    ... prayers,

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