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??? Hey guys I got a question. If in the old testment, when u were born, you inheritted ur parents' sins then doesn't that mean that Jesus had sins too? ???


  • It was believed that for example, if a child was born blind or paralyzed, they are made like that because of the sins for the parents... of course, this is not true
    the only sin that we still inherit is the sin of Adam and Eve, which we are cleansed from at baptism... and Jesus couldn've had this sin because he is pure and clean... he was not born of human, but of God (as in he may've been recieved from Mary's womb... but was not physically from her because he did not recieve the sin of Adam and Eve, God is his true Father, and even though his mother is St. Mary, u cant really say he was physically from her)
    now yea, he is human, but he is also divine... and his divinity does not allow him to be born of sin or to sin... :-\ :)

    good question :D
  • that's what made Christ different... and perfect... He was never of Adam so He didn't inherit adam's sin... which is whyyyy... He's the only perfect sacrifice.
  • I agree with Marys. Christ was the Lamb of God, which meant that he was pure and unblemished by original sin. Also, SMS is right about not inheriting the sins of ancestors. Jesus didn't agree with this old Hebrew belief, which is why he disregarded the preachings of the religious leaders regarding this and healed people. In fact, my interpretation of the act of healing was that it was a statement by Jesus to the people that their ailments were not punishment from God.
  • but he didn't heal them because he didn't go by that law; he healed them because he forgave their sins. also, if he didn't go by the inheriting original sin thing, then Adam's children would have been able to go into the paradise.
  • Christ didn't have the sin of Adam and Eve because Christ was born without the seed of man. How could he have the sin of a man then.
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