Together We Can Help Others in Alhan

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Just as St Shenouda did, Lets keep the Coptic Heritage ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i think may be somone could come with a soft ware or someting online that could be part of that could let us teach others coptic and alhan. am sure the admins wouldn't have any problems with that.
    and one of the steps is this new thing that you liten to the hymn, and youo have the coptic, engllish, arabic text in front of you. (MOST OF THE AUDIO FILES ON TASBEHA.ORG ARE ALREADY DONE THAT WAY)

    am an alhna freak and i love alhan, and i would love for aother's to learn the value of alhan as i learned it not much ago.

    we should make a free, public site to introduce and teach children coptic?

    instead of makeing a new site to introduce TASBEHA.ORG, we should introduce it to the christans sites that already done. I am SURE that there's a lot of people, deacons, and servents, who may be looks at the home page of for once , twice and that's it. they wouldn't kno that it's reach with it's awesome community, alhan and other services that' could help every one. and don't forget, one of the bast recourses online.
  • In the Rose Garden Magazines there are these sections in each magazine that can teach you coptic and coptic words, and it would be great to have a website that teaches us Coptic!

    Coptic Servent
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