WHY do we say the Psalm 50 after the Thanks prayer ?

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Can any1 help me..
WHY do we AlWAYS say the Psalm 50 (Have mercy uon me...) Right after the Thanks Prayer in the "Agpeya" Prayers.
Plz help me.
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  • this actually follows suite of the skeleton format of how we should pray... we're taught to praise Him, in thanksgiving for what we have, and then we ask for what we need... and in this case... it follows the thanksgiving prayer then psalm 50.
  • Hi Fayna,

    Just to follow on from what Mary has wisley said, the nature of prayer is not what we think it is. When prayer existed in the garden of eden and when the angels pray, these places were heavenly and they had no need of anything because God takes care of all their needs. In these instances we see that the true nature of prayer is to praise God just because basically.

    Thanksgiving is a lower level than praise but is important so that we don't take God's love and mercy for granted, to help increase our faith and also our humility.

    We always start with thanksgiving so that we give glory to God rather than asking for something. If you don't thank and praise God then we act like mercenaries who do things because of what we recieve.

    After that it is appropriate to do psalm 51 because this psalm is about repentance and re-establishing and strengthening our union with God. Its hard to offer petitions to God if we don't seek to glorify and be reunited with Him first.

    God bless you,

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    we read it because it is the prayer in which we recognize our sinfulness before God. "A broken and humbled heart God shall not despise" (Psalm 50).

    God bless
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    A prayer of repentance in which we acknowledge our sins from the time of our birth – "against You only I have sinned" – and our sorrow – "for I am conscious of my iniquity and my sin is at all times before me". It asks for forgiveness – "Turn away Your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities" - and also expresses hope in God’s healing power – "You shall wash me and I shall be made whiter than snow". It petitions God for purity – "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit in my inward parts" – and the joy of salvation – "Give me the joy of Your salvation

    God bless
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    Thank you all 4 ur USEFUL replies.
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