• Wow....truly and utterly ;)

  • the book got some really wierd but true stuff. it says that yawning is from the devil and that if you say haaa while yawning, the devil will laugh at u. really stupid right? ;D
  • Hahaha, that is the funniest thing I've ever heard in my life. Thank you so much for that laugh Coptic_Avenger, it was truly awesome. lol. ;)

  • it has some really nasty stuff too. it says that mohammed said that if u don't wake up at night to pray, the devil will (here comes the nasty part) urinate in ur ears. (i know, really nasty!!!)
  • What boo r ya talking about??

  • Ew, ew, ew....there goes my :)
    I really need to read this book....WHERE CAN I GET IT.....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol.

  • it also gives verses from the koran for how drinking camel's urine will make you healthy... a fly in ur drink is a cure... u cnt eat garlic in the place of worship (and if ur egy, thats practically impossible!) and that breathing in ur cup is bad... (dont ask) and several others
    for all the violence in that book... theres plenty of good laughs! haha
    breathing in ur cup..... COME ON NOW!! hahahaaaaaaaa
  • Wow....that's all I can say. I WILL be doing m y ;)

  • Hey sleepy
    The book, Islam Unveiled, was also used as one of the competition books two years ago for the philly competition... I'm sure you'll find it at your church library! :)
  • YEA!!!!! Thanks for the tip SMS. ;)

  • What's the philliy compettiton?

  • It's a competition that is held every july in Philedalphia, PA, USA lol
    All the churches on the east coast participate in it (most of them at least) and in early June, they send out a letter to the churches of which books the competition will be based on. The competition is held for two different groups, the College group and the High School group. The one in charge of this competition than makes an announcement to the sunday school and bible study classes and they gather as many times a week, or on weekends, as possible to prepare and memorize sayings from t heir books. When the day finally comes, we all go to Philly church and compete there... the winning church goes home with trophies
    sorry, you asked a simple question and I gave you a drawn out
  • No that's perfect, problem is my Church wouldn't be included coz it's in Canada, but then again, we have lotsa activities that you guys don't do.

  • well maybe you could list some of them here so that we may also have them...
    and u dont have to be included here, you can have your own competition in CA.
  • Your probably right, well in my Church, for every occasion there's a competition and you get cool prizes from it, like the most recent one was about St. Mark.

  • Defender, if you're interested, I could get you the website if you'd like to check out the philly competition...that's if you haven't already gotten it...

  • ya, it would be nice if u plz post it, thanks!

  • if anyone else is interested, till i get all the info, e-mail me at [email protected]

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