• I think the point of the thread was established long ago..
  • ??? ::)servant i dont get hr point i dont mean it in a mean way but im just confused ???

    -its wrong to have lustful thoughts etc etc
    - its extremely wrong to have a crush with it being based on physical attraction
    - you should NEVER and i mean never put your thoughts into action...beware of the consequences

    anything else to add? ::)
  • I really like this question becuase my sunday school teacher gave me tons of answers. and by the way it is yes. he said that there is many conditions, but yes. the first condition is making sure you can handle the part of not doing anything with this "crush." The second condition is that you have to try to put a stop to some thought that you have about your crush.. .because if you dont then its like a sin. I think another condition is not putting ur complete focus on this person, but still keeping contact with God and church. I hope i helped.

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