Can someone tell me of where I can find the tamgeeds of any of the saints?


  • Hi Coptic_Avenger,
    Here is the website,
    First-go to the following website:
    Second-you can either go to spiritual songs or children
    Spiritual Songs: scroll down
    Children: at the very bottom you can choose what ever you would like!

    Coptic Servent
  • http://www.kyrillos.com/
    thats pope kyrollos's tamgeed..i can't find a website that have all the tamgeeds!
  • Go to Media, Hymns, Other Occasions, Glorification of St. Mary and then you can find the TAMGEED in 2 trusted sources, The HICS and Wagdi Bishara, both acoordings to Cantor's Farag AbdelMesseih Teachings, based on Master Michail AlBatanouny teachings.

    Wagdi Bishara
  • thats cool..but i think Coptic_Avenger was asking for a website that have like all the tamgeeds for any saint which will be an awsome website..if someone found a website like that plz share it with us!!

  • Sandra,

    Soon, You will find a the entire hymns for the saints in tasbeha.org. I just wanna tell you that there is no much of them.

    Wagdi Bishara
  • Sandra,
    why not make tasbeha.org that website.
    just start typing songs and tamgeed on the hymn library.
    here is a category for songs

    and tamgeeds:
  • the coming month i'll have ALL possible coptic txt for Tamgeed hymns uploaded, so hold tight. ;D

    Mr WB, could u please tell me which hymns will be uploaded, i'm really curious. For all i know, there's just the hymn of [coptic]Va nitenh[/coptic] for Archangel Michael and a hymn for the martyrs ([coptic]pi`hloj[/coptic]), [coptic]Apekran[/coptic], and [coptic]Adam Abel [/coptic] that have known tunes...
  • Tamgeed for St Paul 1st Hermit book
    in Coptic, English & Arabic,
    It is PDF file for printing as a book in 38 Pages + the Cover, paper size is legal (8.5"x 14")
    We added the book to the web site. The book could be reached directly at

    pray for us
  • first part of the Tamgeed hymns uploaded.
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