Who's ur Hectic 5??



  • i have another one to add to my original list of 6,
    abouna michael ibrahim, offf i just watched a video one him, his beautiful.

    guys if uve never watched videos on this fathers eg: abouna michael ibrahim, abouna abdel mesieh el manakry, abounamikhiel el behery, anba abraam...
    then ur really missing out...
    i hope u guys have this videos in america, cause we sure do in australia, yeh and although there not huge hollywood blockbusters, and their film quality and effect arnt awsome, they are really life changing.
  • we got all of those videos; i think they make them in egypt and send them all around the world
  • mine are (in no special order): St. Mary, St.Mary of Egypt, St.Shenouda the Archminderite, St.George, and Abouna Andriaws
  • um...excuse my ignorance...but who's Saint Mary of Egypt??
  • I like to call them my Fantastic Five...

    Although we haven't heard of any miracles from some of them, I still admire them for the hard lives that they lived.
  • Hectic 5 ay?
    well....i dont think 5 is a big enough number but hay why not?
    1. St Mary
    2. St Marina The Monk
    3. St Marina The Martyr
    4. Archangel Michael an St Bishoy (My Chuch) <<<it ROCKS!!
    5. St Shenouda the archimandrite <<<Our Monestary

    by the way St Mary The Egyptian is the maddest saint...i dont clearly remember but yeah she was a prostitute an she tried to enter a church once but there was this force like a wall blocking her out...she prayed for her sins an i think went out and lived in the desert... you should read the synxarium or watch the video shes an excellent role model for all the times where you think god will never forgive you! and ofcourse he does because GOD IS LOVE!! 4 shu!
    -Mariam :)
  • very good summery mariam. but ive never seen the movie, i which i could.
    Paulh, as soon as i find the full version of the story ill send it to u or post it if anybody else wants it.
  • hey i think a good Sain to pray to if u loose things is St. Maurice.......he found my little Bible with my name on it and i just found it lying on my dresser the day after i asked him ;D
  • [glow=red,2,300]Happy Pentecost!!![/glow]

    I have seen some of the Coptic videos on the saints and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make u feel as if u were there! Besides the nearest church where online can I order some?

    [glow=red,2,300]Dios los Bendiga!!!!![/glow]
  • can u tell us more about the picture.
  • [glow=red,2,300]Happy Pentecost!!![/glow]

    I will be happy to tell u G.J. I. about the Icon of St Bishoy:

    St. Bishoy was born in the Egyptian town of Shansa in the 4th century. He had six brothers. His mother was told in a vision by an angel to give one of her sons to serve the Lord and she told the Lord whom ever He wanted. The angel took the frail and and skinny St Bishoy by the hand as his pick. The mother offered a physically stronger son but the angel said St Bishoy was the one the Lord chose!

    Much later, St Bishoy went into the desert of Shiheet and became a monk by the hand of Abba Bemwah, who by the way also ordained another great Desert Father, St John the Short. who was a monk. St Bishoy struggled alot in spiritual asceticism, tempatations and worshipped so lovingly that he was given the grace to see the Lord Jesus Christ!!! He was also a defender of the faith and died in the desert in the peace and love of Our Lord and Saviour jesus Christ!!! May our dear Coptic brother, St Bishoy, pray 4 us!!! Amen
  • [quote author=battata link=board=1;threadid=294;start=30#msg2835 date=1085983928]
    [quote author=Suzanne link=board=1;threadid=294;start=15#msg2678 date=1085743598]
    2. Amba Wanas *pray 2 him when you loose things!*

    i thought u prayed to St. Anthony wen you loose things, or maybe thats juss the Catholics

    Wel I do think it's Anba Wanas, I've never heard about St. Anthony as the Saint for finding things. Anyways, btw Boricou u said my the blessings of our Coptic brother St. Bishoy..., don't u mean Coptic Father??

  • My main five are, in no specific order:
    1) St. Demiana
    2) St. Mohrail
    3) St. George, the prince of martyrs
    4) St. Anna Simon, and
    5) St. Philopateer

    I have many more, of course, but they're too many to list :)
  • abba bishoy also carried our Lord Jesus Christ on his back. ur probably rite about amba wanas as the saint to pray to wen u loose things. i went to a Catholic school, and for the Catholics its St. Anthony.
  • Oh Cool, St. Anthony was Coptic though, do they know that??

  • [glow=red,2,300]Happy Pentecost!!![/glow]

    Ur absolutely rite defender...my sincerest apologies...

    May Our dearest Coptic Father, St. Bishoy, pray for us.!!!

    Yes, the catholics know St Anthony is Coptic...He is venerated by the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics and Anglicans as well i believe. St Anthony is pre-schism...
  • That's awesome, I never knew that. Yet the protestants do not believe he's a Saint. They also do nt believe that the Ever-Virgin Mary was an ever-virgin. Anyways I will post that in another thread, gotta go to Church....

  • great guys i saw a variety of favourites, any more???
  • :) hay
    my hectic 5 r
    Anba Abraam bishop of Fayoum (church patron)
    St Mark the evangilist
    St Anthony
    St Paul
    St George(always there for help)
    and also
    St Wannas
  • LOVE THIS POST......

    HECTIC 5 ARE !!

    1) ST Shenouda The Archimandrite
    2) Abba Wissa (coz u cant have one without the other)
    3) St Bishoy (coz ppl call me Bishoy and he is the saint of my church)
    4) Archangel Michael (coz he is STRONG need him for strength)
    5) St Anthony LOVE HIS STORY

    Modern Day Sts'
    Fr Bishoy Kamel...(he really inspires me ...to walk a life of rightiousness..)
    Pope Kyrollos...(I love him coz he gives me hope)

    Female Sts'
    St Marina (the Martyr)
    St Takla (i think she is the first of the female martyrs)

    AHHHHHHHHHHH [glow=red,2,300]I LOVE ALL THE SAINTS[/glow]....heheheh
    I cant single them out

    Your Brother in Christ,

    Archangel Michael & St Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church,
    Mt Druitt, Sydney Australia
    Shenouda Andrawis ;D
  • Why do ppl call you bishoy though??

  • hay u have the maddest priests but, i wanna come to your church its cool u probably come to my church december to january for the competitions (Anba Abraam) maquare fields well i go there anyway St Takla is a man heres the picture
  • Hey Defender and Nardin,

    Defender i ask them the samething and they tell me i look like a bishoy..but what i ask you is what a "bishoy" looks like...plus my name is very close to bishoy..and St Bishoys feast and ST Shenouda's fest are like 1 day apart

    Nardin..yes we have really good priests at our church ....if you decide to come all the way from st Abrams Church...please come and say hello...u will prob find me there ...(i am a part of the furniture heheheh coz i love my church...)

    Hey anyone out there who lives in sydney HELLOOOO...hehehh see yas round .
  • Oh...i think there is a St Takla that is female.....i don know much bout her ?? anywya if ya find her tell me
  • PPl call me Mark a lot...lol

  • :)hehe
    sure fing if i come 2 ur church which i probably will be well i have to i sumtimes go St Marks in Arncliffe ill probably look for a bishoy i dun even know ur name or how old anyway ill cum but u have to visit Anba Abraam in december to january for the comps ill be round the soccer field table tennis table basketball court or volleyball court coz dey r da sports i play anyway anyone else here who is in Sydney come visit
    Anba Abraam 3 wills road, long point, maquarie fields

  • but u have to visit Anba Abraam in december to january for the comps ill be round the soccer field table tennis table basketball court or volleyball court coz dey r da sports i play anyway anyone else here who is in Sydney

    Is that what you do in Sydney, coz last time I checked, we prayed here in Manitoba.

    I'm just messin, good stuff man! Our Church we have many religious things in our Youth Group such as: Car racing, Egyptian Basketball (baseed completely on not following the rules), Playing Mature games even though most of us are teens, but it's all cool. Haha. We need help. lol.

  • :)lol
    we do lots of activities wit our church
    we all sign up for sports and then we have competitions like i play volleyball table tennis basket ball ( with proper rules) and ma favorite soccer and den ppl that win go semi final den finals den we get trophies
    i love ma church we have cabins 4 camps, pool everything

    if u cum to sydney visit my church n say hi
    ma name is Nardin and im 13
  • In no particular order...here goes! :)
    1.Pope Shenouda the Third,
    2.Abouna Abd El Maseeh El Manahry,
    3.St. George,
    4.St. Marymina,
    5.Archangel Michael.
  • hey has anyone ever been to bergen church? in JC,NJ.
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