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Hey My friend reads a lot of magazines and it has a lot of information on stars. I know MTV is bad but my question is are magazines bad too? Many magazines have things that you would see on MTV. Also i would like to know, if not all, what magazines are bad? How about a few suggestions plz. Thank you! :) ;) :D


  • magazines aren't bad at all..BUT not all of them..although some bad magazines are helpfull but they have some bad stuff..if u wanna get the magazine for the bad stuff and u pritend to get it for the GOOD thats gonna be bad..otherwise its good..i know that might not make any sense but..thats all i have to say!

  • yea like some of the magazines i see in the stores are absolutely ridiculous... once again like sandra said it depends on your intentions...
  • but like, if im dead out of my mind at the orthodontist, i'll look at the ads and pictures, but i never read a word,,,

    thats what i do unless, there is a pic that i found its so cool..thats the only way to let me read the stuff under the pic.

  • As MarMar said, those types of magazines are a waste of time, ok, I would have to say that one of these magazines that I'm going to list are most wasted time to read: "Are Jessica and Nick over?", "Tom and Katie Split?", and "Brittany Spears--baby" I would enjoy magazines that talk about news, like the latest news on the Space Shuttle, or the weather, but some of the magazines are so bad like my list of enjoyment!

    Coptic Servent
  • Magazines are pretty stupid (the teen ones nowadays anyway) Sometimes there's interesting stuff but I still wouldn't spend a penny on it..I never have..but maybe one day I'll see this awesome poster in it and I'll buy one..other than that, I stick to my nerd mags (Archaeology).
  • I agree with you guys, but I still like magaizines like Time, newsweek, and now my friend gets national geographic for school and that has some really amazing pictures and I always liked that kind of photography. But, you all were right, I don't know how people can stand the constant junk in the media.

    Makes you want to be a monk.
  • Hi everyone...!!!

    Ok, i have read your posts and wanted to ask you guys on...

    What consititutes a 'bad' magazine...what is a 'good' magazine compared to a 'bad' one!?

  • well a bad magazne has bad things in it and a good one has good things in it...........................preety simple?
    eg time,national geographic, readers digest are good
    but the rest containing pornographic material or material of sexually expliccit nature are bad..........................
  • pi onkh basically laid it out... any magazine that has anything to do with the "stars" at "hollywood" or models, ect, that is wrong. anything that is of actual significance cant harm you.
  • Thanks guys, your posts really helped. May God bless all of you and keep you safe always.
  • i dont think that magazines are bad. its just away to find out news about ur favourite celebs and stars.

    i hope that helps
  • All I have to say, is the best thing to do is ask your father of confession
  • I also agree with George M!

    Coptic Servent
  • for those that are in aussie land the magazines that are ya3ni bad include dolly, cosmopolitan, girlfriend and all of that sort. sersiously guys is there anything ever clean these days? u cant trust it... yes there may be good things in it but wat if u turn the page and u c a bad sight wat r u gonna do then? nothing... ull just say ye im strong but gess wat the devil is stronger and he will put this image in ur hed while u r praying or trying to spend it with God... the devil is very clever but dont give him a ride because then he'll want to be the drivier. think about it... by reading it, is there any spiritual benefit? y do sumthing that wont make u closer to Our Lord? and by far as well its turning u the other way around completly... wats rong with the church mags? think about it... why is it hard to read 1 article in a church magazine and u can never get enuf of reading the worldly things??? think about it... are you laughing??

    Colossians 3: 1-3
    "if then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. set your mind on the things above, not on things on the earth. for you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God"

    i encourage u guys to read passage tells u the character of christianity in life and at home

    hope it helped
    GB ALL
    pray 4 me plz
  • It kind of depends on the one you read because in many cases they are bad especially if they have lots of info about celebs. because, i will admit, that some of my friends read them and have shown them to me so i understand everything. But a lot of times magazines make things up just so people will read them. It's like if you go online or if you read the newspaper, there is never EVER anything that is perfecly 100% exact, so why read someting that tells you lieS? some of them are really bad and why would you want to look at people who have a half shirt on or something ... some of the pictures are make up and i guess thats ok, but other pictures are flat out disgusting and they make no sense. a lot of times i think that people are put in there loking "hot" because they want people to think that and buy it and like the people in the picture. I have heard a lot of times that a lot of the people dont hav that actual look, but tehy are just minimized with computers. I guess they aren't always bad, but the ones that are bad, we should be advised to keep ourselves away from them. And I know that I have to work on that myself... I hope i helped...

  • there's i think a VERSE that says 'kol shey2 daher lel taheereen'

    that is 'everything is pure for those who are pure'

    so yea i agree it depends on your honesty with yourself u know what's rit and wat's rong...


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