choose a number

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choose a number for me and i will let you know later on what that number for
choose from 1-4
but i hope everyone agree about the number that will be chosen


  • this getting hard than i thought
    because i didn't post why i'm letting you guys to choose a number
    i don't know how start
    my problem is that i have four spiritual guidness fathers and i like them all. i want to choose one of them but i can't and that why i put 1-4
    and whatever number that repeat it more then that the person i will choose to be my spiritual guidness father because i'm confused now and each one them is awsome in his way to encourage you but different levels than other, different programs.
    guys will you help me out
    i don't know how to figure this out
    do you guys understand what i'm trying to say is it clear enough
    i hope so
    and remember me in ur prayer
  • Have you also prayed about it?
  • ok i dont think something this important can be put upon a random advice to you is to choose the spiritual leader that you feel the most close to...when im saying that...someone you can tell them of the worst sin you could think of and see which 1 you can say it to....imsaying this becasue once you have done a really bad sin, some fathers you will not tell them the sin becasue you donot fell cumfortable around them
  • i have father of confession who i confess to him
    but i need spiritual leader who can help me with my spiritual life
    that what i meant
    thanks for replying
  • hay... well if its not father of cofession go to a million if u reelly need to i say go to all of them... if they all concentrate on diff aspects i say all of them go for it!!! take the whole world if u reelly need to... thers no barrier of lerning so its all gr8 if its not FOC
    hope i helped GBU

    pray 4 me a sinner
  • how about 4.

    i think ur idea is awsome. bisacly that's mostly right.
    some FOC don't have much time except to justhear the LIST of sins and then like we kno what happends next. so actuly the FOC part in repenting is to except your sins as u just list them down. like we all kno the story of st mosas the black and how he confessed in front of the alter and u would see a list of All of his sins next to him , and every time he would confess with one of them, that one would fade away. i think that list is like our hearts today. which is full of good things and bad to. but we need to confess so these bad things don't eat or take over the good things.

    christ_lover, thanks for the massege to reply
  • thanks everyone who replied
  • yep all of use r correct... even if its not an abouna lyk maybe an older deacon or whatever you can go for advice but a person ur age and a little bit older sumtyms may not b the best but i gess God speeks throo any1 so i say go ahed Rabena ma3ak

    pray 4 me a sinner
  • ok i dont care about the really depends on his/her (reccommended same gender) spirituallity.....if he is more spiritual than u or not...if its not visible if he is holier or not then i advice u not to ...thats all ...i dont think i go by age hay frog ;)
  • yes that too is true but seriously guys God speaks through any1 He can speak to u throo the evilist person around maybe by a wake up call... it dusnt really matter who guys... pray that He sends His message throo any1 and watch it cum the day after or less or more dependin on ur faith seriously guys go to any1 as why sed if u no sum1 is holier ok maybe u wont put it that way exactly but if u no God will speak throo this certain person go straight ahed... even if it means numerious ppl i say go for it i prob cant cant how many spiritual guiders i hav i have heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps and seriously its alooooot so take as many as u want... nething that will bring u closer to Our Christ is awesome... this goes 4 every1 thers never being too greedy for spirituality...

    GB ALL
    pray 4 me a sinner
  • true true ;)
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