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I would appreciate very much, if someone help me in finding an instrumental tune for:
+ 1- Epourou
+ 2- Agios ( joyful tune )
+ 3- Kanesatee Al kebteia, kanesato al lah

Just music, no words, and not by opening a web page.


  • i think ihave #1 and #3
    i'll see if i can find them
  • Thanks Hos Erof, I got the first one, Epourou, Here is the linke"

    and then righy click and save target as

    So if you have the others I would be greatful!!
  • i'm still looking for this one:

    + 3- Kanesatee Al kebteia, kanesato al lah

    i was so sure i had it on my computer, i'll dive again into the ocean of the data on my computer ;)
  • okay great, i found it but i cant upload it, cause midi files arent accepted. PM me and i'll mail it to u, and anyone else who's interested. This file is also really nice as ringtone ;)
  • Hello Hos Erof,
    Thanks a lot for time and effort spent on to find the music for
    " Kanesatee Al kebteia, kanesato al lah ".
    I already contacted you , thanks again and may God bless.
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