Authors of the Gospels

I go to a catholic school and our book teaches that Sts. Mattew Mark Luke and John didnt write the gospels, but "second generation" christians wroter them. Is this another heresy?


  • i highly doubt that, maybe catholivs think of it that way???
  • I don't like to rant or complain about anything but I really don't like what the Catholic Church is teaching in its schools. I'm sure MarMar91 would agree that they have reached an amazing distance from the truth. Their are so many problems, many of them so obvious, I can't believe the other students haven't picked up them. It's a church trying to be at peace with the world, bending its teachings to accomodate the beliefs of society.

    I shouldn't be saying this though, who am I to judge, but then again, I am judging their religion and not their people so maybe its not as bad, but still, it's just hard to cope with blatant hypocracy.
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