can´t download Amba Youssef sermon

hello Mr.

I can´t download the sermon from Amba Youssef about christian marriage ? Can You please help me ?:-)
Thank You
and GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE GREAT WEBSITE !!!!!! it is really amazing


  • please somebody help me, i still cannot download any Amba Youssef sermons, pllleasee
    thank You
    God bless You
  • Hy Mike,

    I am using windows xp,
    my browser is internet explorer 6.0. 2800.1106.xpsp2
    exact error: when I want to download "Gods plan for marriage" it say
    i can only save an html file ( called media. tasbeha)
    the same occurs with all amba youssef sermons

    so, what can I do ?
    thank you bye bye
  • Please try to download the sermon again, we've had some troubles with the downloads.
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