Other popes

Yesterday I started talking about Pope Shenouda, and this guy came up to me and started saying that there was only one pope. I want to know what other churches have popes.


  • since the start of the church there have been the 5 sees and each see had its own head archbishop, that is the bishop of alexandria is called archbishop or pope. so in the begining of the church there was only 5 but then the number kept growing due to various schisms in the churches history. And now we live in an age where the average joe can make his own denomination in his backyard and if he pleases he can call himself bishop or pope without ordination so the number has also increased due to this problem.

    My God unite his church in peace, and keep Pope Shenouda on his seat for many years to come. Amen

  • i mean real popes ie. orthodox popes that have been around for at least the last 1000 years
  • In the Orthodox Church there exists no concept of Papal Supremacy - a heresy introduced into the Chalcedonian Church during the fifth century, and which has been maintained by the Roman Chalcedonian Church till today.

    The Coptic Church does not exclusively constitute The Universal Apostolic Orthodox Church; it is one of many local Orthodox Church's. As such, our Patriarch is not the sole leader or Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, but rather he is the ArchBishop of the See of Alexandria. Other Orthodox Patriarchs include:

    1) His Holiness Mar Ignatius Zakka I, Patriarch of Antioch, and Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church.

    2) His Holiness Fr. Antonious I, Patriarch of Eritrea, and Head of the Eritrean Orthodox Church.

    3) His Holiness Karekin II, Patriarch of the Armenian Orthodox Church, and Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

    4) His Holiness Fr. Paulos, Patriarch of Ethiopia.

    5) Patriarch of the Indian Orthodox Church - I will have to get back on this one, for the situation with the Indian Orthodox Church is a little complicated and there is something I must verify first.
  • We do not consider the present Roman Catholic Pope to be the true successor of St Peter.

    St Peter not only established the See of Rome, but also the See of Antioch. That would make His Holiness Mar Ignatius Zakka I, the only true Orthodox Patriarch succeeding a See established by St Peter.
  • Don’t we, The Coptic Orthodox Church, consider St. Paul to be the one who established the Sea of Rome, and not St. Peter?

    St. peter went to Rome to face martyrdom, and had found that the Church of Rome already established.
    St. Paul wrote his first epistles and addressed to the Romans, and wrote many epistles while he was imprisoned for two years in a house, he rented, waiting for martyrdom.

  • Safaa,

    Both St Peter and St Paul established and evangelised the community in Rome, however St Paul was the first Bishop and in that sense he established the See. This is the testimony of the Fathers. I don't recall any reference to St Paul being the first Bishop. I don't see the relevance of insisting that he was either.
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