Memorizing Psalms of David, the king

hello guys, wats up,

havent bee on a lon time. Anyways, my dad wanted me to memorize psalms, so i did. But the trouble is i memorized 1, 2, and 3 only. How do u guys memorize it. I keep forgetting the words


  • Its probably easier to memorise it if it has a personal affect on you and you understand it... I dont think I understand many of the psalms but I think I do understand some related to depression..
    If you just read a few psalms on morning and do that again another couple of mornings I think you might remember it more easily??

  • There is no better way of memorizing a psalm than by praying it daily. If you're going to pray it daily, then keep it up on your wall so that each time you stand for prayer you use it and get used to seeing it.

    Praying the Pslam daily not only means that you are making practical use of the psalm, but it also ensures that you will store the prayer in your long term memory. Its important to make sense of the verse as well...dont just memorize it but understand its deepest meaning and when you've understood it, it will be 10x easier for you to recite it and keep it by heart.

    I remember memorizing the coptic Our Father when i was in gr 3 b/c my mom had me pray it with her twice a day. If i was able to memorize that in gr 3 and still have it memorized til this day, then you can definately do it too! It just takes patience! ;)

    Youstina S
  • I think pope shenouda once said something like this... its harder for adults than children to learn new languages because of their pride.. children keep trying?
  • thanks means to have friends like u
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