Female saints

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we don't really hear much about the female saints in our church other than St. Mary, St. Demaina, & St. Marina. if anyone has any information about other saints, i would greatly appreciate it..


  • What about St. Mary the Egyptian and what about the Saint that was led by God to find the Cross (don't know her name)

  • St. Veronica
  • There are lots of other female Saints.

  • St. Helen
    St. Mohrail
    St. Barbara
    St. Anna Simon
  • dont forget about st.catherine
  • smart, i knew that. ;) ;D

  • thanks every1...how come none of them are mentioned in the liturgy?
  • which liturgy is that? :-\

  • st. basil
  • The first saint mentioned in every commemoration is.... guess who? St. Mary!

  • battata has a point though, besides st.mary there is no one else (at least i dont think so) :-\
  • no there isn't. come to think of it there aren't that many women saints in the synexar than there are men saints. thats not good! people might think that we're sexists.
  • Yea!!! Power to the feamle saints!!!!!! lol. ;) :)

  • we also forgot about St.Verena
  • lol yea. thass why i was askin bout the female saints. none of them are mentiond in the liturgy other than st mary. maybe sumday theyll be added. :)
  • who is john kame the priest? i no its off topic.. but...
  • St. John Kame, his parents forced him to marry, so he did, but they both lived as brother and sister. The angel of God always was with them, and 1 day he told him to go to the monastary which had St. John the short (thats the 1 who grew the tree of obedience). later they ordained him a priest...after some years he got sick and died

    yea St. Helena is the 1 who discovered the cross,

    St. Veronica was the 1 who wiped the face of Jesus with a cloth, on His way to be crucified, as He was carrying the cross, when she did this His face got printed on the cloth

    theres also St. Ilarya- she cut her hair and went to a monks monastary because her parents didnt want her to be a nun, then several years later her sister got sick and they sent her to this monk Ilare (who is actually Ilarya, but her parents did not know so at the time), and she was cured, but later the parents discovered it was their daughter Ilarya

    theres also st. Marina the monk, who also dressed as a boy and went to the monastary with her father, after her moms death, then later her dad died, no 1 in the monastary knew she was a girl, she was later accused of adultery, and the mother gave the child to st. marina, st marina raised the child about 3 years out of the monastary, cause they kicked her out, then they let her back in and after her death they discovered she was innocent

    St. Christine
    , who used to worship idols but later became chrisitan, when her father knew, he ordered that she be whipped, later he went to some battle and died, and some governor ruled, he threw her with snakes, but they didnt harm her, and cut her tounge, then finally he ordered that she died, they threw arrows at her and she died

    St. Vivian
    all her family was christian, she was a young girl about 10 and had a little sister named Demetria about 8, when the emperor told them to worship idols, they refused so he killed their dad, and then killed their mother, thinking he could easily change the girls minds if their mother is dead, but they wouldnht deny christ, so he killed them both

    St. Alexandra
    wife of Dioceltian, is mentioned in St. George's story, she believed in Christ, and Diocletian killed her

    St. Barbara
    she became christian, she changed the tower that she was living in, she opened 3 windows instead of the 1 she had, to represent the trinity, when her dad knew she became christian, he took her to the emperor, she was tortured, 1 of the girls in the crowd, juliana, saw her great faith and endurance and believed in Jesus because of her, her dad got the sword and killed both of them

    St. Irene
    her dad wasnt christian either, when she became christian he got evry angry, he ran after her and was about to tie her to a horse, so that it would drag her on the floor, but what happened was the horse attacked him, and his arm got cut off, but she prayed for him so it came back, he then believed in Christ and all his family, but later the governor heard so and took Irene and tortured her, and in the end she was martyred

  • [quote author=Coptic Defender link=board=1;threadid=280;start=0#msg2253 date=1085350757]
    What about St. Mary the Egyptian and what about the Saint that was led by God to find the Cross (don't know her name)

    the saint that found the cross called 'Helen'
  • sry ppl i didn't read the whole topic, i didn't no that some1 mentioned it be4! ::)

    but princessMary u nearly got the whole synexarian here!

    hehe thanks that was interesting i didn't no most of 'em!
  • St. Aleria, is another female saint, she has a great story, it's beautiful, if anybody has a picture of her I would really appreciate it, please and thank, and btw daughteroftruelight GREAT TOPIC!

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  • St. Marina the monk who was given a baby that was clamied to be hers, but wasnt.

    St. Ilaria she was the daughter of a king and she dressed up like a monk to live in a monastery.

    St. Barbara

    St. Monica- the mother of Augustine

    I'll find more I have this one book
  • im sorry but i will mention the names of the saints but i really dont know all their stories...

    ok saint sarah...saint fekaa...with like 4 children...saint DEMIANA...Saint Marina (not the Monk)...st Mary the Egyption (may have been mentioned..sorry) um...St. Anna Simon... n i cant remember anymore...umm if any1 is interested in a particular saint..i will tell you their life story (if i know it)
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